About Us


Hi, I'm Lori!

Hi, I’m Lori, the “Hard Working Mom” and my goal is to help others be successful in their business and share my love for crafts. It was a dream to combine my love of crafting and my love of owning a business. I love to share what works to be successful in business and crafting tips.

Why Hard Working Mom?

I am a Hard Working Mom like most mothers out there but it does not stop my ability to be successful in business and being a parent will not prevent you from being successful either.

My goal is to help you not make some of the mistakes I have made learning to run a business and get success in our social media driven world. Having a successful business is achievable with the right tools.

At Hardworkingmom.com you’ll find all of my best tips for social media success, setting up a business and so much more. Check out my tutorials and eBooks.


Now that you know a little about me, I would love to get to know you. Please leave comments and any suggestions or ideas you have to help mother. We are a community of crafters and business individuals, so let’s start helping each other.