Learn How to Make Designer Wreaths that Leave an Impression

Hard Working Mom's
Wreath Therapy Designers Group

A monthly group that teaches you the ins and outs of creating designer, handmade wreaths that set you apart from the competition.

Hard working mom

Lori Jacobs Success Path is the best place to start.

You will learn step-by-step what you need to know to get started in your business. Plus, you'll learn how to make beautiful wreaths.

- Debbie Scott

Are You Ready to Go From Hobby Crafter to Designer Wreath Maker?

You want to become better at wreath making and add new crafts to your skillset.

You get frustrated when your designs don’t turn out as great as you’d like.

You’re not sure the best places to buy supplies or how to best use leftover materials.

You want to learn how to make better bows and add variety to your wreaths.

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Take your handmade items from hobby crafter to show-stopping designer.

My Wreath Therapy Group is for wreath makers looking to expand their skills in wreath making and add other crafts to their skillset.


Whether you’re new at wreath making or an expert designer, this group will help you learn new skills and stay on top of the latest trends. We cover trending, seasonal and everyday designs every month and teach in a way that is easy to understand and covers a variety of skill levels. So, no matter your skill level, you’ll be able to learn something from this group.

If you’re looking to turn your passion into a business, you’ll learn that too! You’ll learn the ins and outs of running a craft business, such as buying materials and pricing your products. Whether you are just looking to make a little extra money to pay for your crafts, or you want to produce a full-time income, you’ll find training here to get you started on your dreams.

Learn to create show-stopping designs and keep up with ever-changing trends! Plus, learn where to sell and tricks to find your customers.


"I needed help getting things in order to make my business legitimate...

...Lori’s trainings helped point me in the right direction. Where to go to get my credentials, how to get my resale license and creating my YouTube channel."

- Dawn Sanches

It’s So Much More than Wreath Making...

Not only will you learn how to create beautiful wreaths that impress, you’ll also learn new crafts and skills that will help your wreaths truly stand out or that can take your business to the next level.


Here’s just some of what you’ll learn in this group:

Wreath Design

Bow Making

Swag Creation

Christmas Decor

Sign Painting


Centerpiece Design

Cricut Crafts

Running a Craft Business


Learn from the Hard Working Mom and other Established Designers with a Variety of Skills

Lori Jacobs

I’m Lori, the Hard Working Mom and founder of the group. I’m a working wife and mom of two as well as a maker, creative entrepreneur and business guide. Over the past five years, I’ve taught thousands of women and men how to make beautiful, one-of-a-kind wreaths inside my wreath therapy group. There are so many tips and tricks I have yet to teach. I am constantly learning new techniques to share with my group members.

Rachel Gaitin

Rachel currently lives in the Chicago suburbs with her husband, two girls, and 3 dogs. She has loved crafting since she was young and has a passion for bringing crafting to other’s homes and businesses.

Becoming a Florist/Creator at a Boutique allowed her to hone her crafting skills and discover new ones. She soon outgrew the boutique and opened “Rachel’s Crafty Corner.”

Now she uses her talents to teach painting and sing making in my group.

Melissa Castellanos

Melissa Castellanos is the wife of an Army Veteran,  mother of 4, and owner of HayLo Creative Designs.

In 2017, she was laid off from her full-time job while living in Seattle. The same day the company gave the news, she watched her first wreath making video on Facebook which propelled her into the wreath designing world.

She has studied under some of the top wreath designers and has taken multiple business courses to help further her own wreath business. Melissa specializes in grapevine wreaths using high-quality silk florals and greenery mixed with decadent baubles and ribbon to create oversized statement wreaths.


Lisa Martinez

Lisa is from Texas. Lisa fell in love with graphics and crafts at a young age. Lisa owns Lisa's Chic Creations where she makes sublimation signs, tumblers, and more!

She is also the owner of 3 glitter Chicks which was started with her mom & daughter.

Lisa teaches sublimation inside the design group.


In this group, I’ll give you the tips and techniques you need to create one of a kind wreaths, grow your craft business and become a better wreath maker.


Included in your Subscription:

Project Library

Full of wreath and craft project ideas with step-by-step instructions, supplies lists including where to purchase items. PLUS, bonus Facebook lives where we will make projects together.

Exclusive Facebook Group

Access to my exclusive wreath maker Facebook group where you can ask me questions directly and a community of other wreath creators to give you feedback, encouragement and ideas.

New Projects Each Week

Each week, our Hard Working Mom designers go live in the Facebook group to show you step-by-step how to create brand new designs and offer tips and tricks to make your designs better.

“Hot Seat” Sessions

Learn one-on-one with me as I bring you into the “hot seat” and make suggestions on your designs, giving you an opportunity for individual coaching.

Vendors Lists and Tools

Exclusive access to my long list of vendors, including wholesale and retail vendors that I buy all my supplies from, as well as the tools of the trade and where to purchase them.

Stay in the “Know”

I keep up with what’s trending in the wreath industry so you don’t have to. I’ll let you know when I see certain trends coming in, or leaving. I also let you know when you should be starting seasonal wreath making and when not to.

Craft Business Advice

You’ll get tips on how to source and choose materials, price your wreaths, and grow your wreath business. PROTIP: Add the Business Development membership to dive even deeper into your craft business and gain invaluable insight.

Join Today for Instant Access to All of This and more!

PLUS, add the Business Development option to take a deeper dive into marketing and growing your craft business.

Design Membership

$18.00 per Month

Business Development

$27.00 per Month

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