1 Wreath 6 Ways

Do you have the storage space for 10 or more wreaths? I know I don’t!

An ideal solution would be to only have one wreath that is able to convert to fit the seasonal changes and holidays. If this is what you’re looking for, read on!

Each of the wreaths below is using a standard boxwood wreath. Feel free to substitute for a eucalyptus or olive leaf wreath if you wish! Greenery is so versatile for this project.


There are a variety of florals to fit the holidays. Carnations are associated with Christmas, Daisies and Peonies are Summer flowers, etc. You could even use red, white, and blue florals to place on a wreath for the Fourth of July. Flowers are a great addition to any wreath and can be used in so many ways!


The patterns for the ribbon are endless so there’s no doubt that you will find what you need for a certain holiday or season. Also, there are many methods on how to use ribbon on the wreath. (Wrapping around the wreath, tied at the bottom of the wreath) With ribbon, you can be more specific in the holidays also! Some of my favorites come from The Hard Working Mom shop or Trendy Tree!


Add a little fun to your decor! Picks and even Christmas ornaments on wreaths are so much fun and not just for the Christmas holiday! There are picks for every season at your local craft store.


Bows, Bow, Bows!! A wreath without a bow is incomplete. Even the simplest one ribbon bow will turn an ordinary boxwood wreath into a beauty. You know we love our oversized bows. Use the EZ Bow Maker to create bows of all sizes with ease!


You may not have enough storage for wreaths but chances are you can fit signs in the smallest of places! I love a good sign to fit the holiday. Check out The Hard Working Mom shop to see a selection of the cutest signs we have in stock.

Natural Materials

Natural materials on a greenery wreath are so serene and versatile. Materials like pinecones, feathers, wheat stems, flax, berries, and cotton are great add ons! You could even purchase a grapevine wreath and use these natural materials and add greenery like Eucalyptus or Olive Leaf.

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