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10 Genius Cricut Hacks That Will Save You Time & Money

The possibilities to creations with your Cricut are endless! Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned Cricut pro, check out these Cricut hacks to save you both time and money!

1. Sharpening your blade

Purchasing blade after blade can get expensive, especially if you frequently use your Cricut. Make your blade last 3x longer by sharpening it with tin foil! Create a ball of foil, release your blade from the clamp and push it through the tin foil ball up to 12 times. 

2. Alternative Transfer Paper

Running short on transfer paper?

When you are in a bind Press ‘N Seal cling wrap is a great alternative. Though a little more challenging to work with, it gets the job done. (and for a cheaper price!)

3. Clean Your Mat

Excess vinyl, glitter, and fibers can take FOREVER to remove from your mat!

This spray from the Dollar Tree removes it all. Spray and soak, that’s it!

LA’s Totally Awesome Cleaner

4. Protect Your Mat From Debris

Save time from cleaning your mat daily by keeping the clear plastic that comes with your mat when purchased. Once you are done with a project, place the sheet back on the mat to protect it from any debris for your next use!

5. Applying Vinyl to Curved Surfaces

Does your vinyl transfer onto surfaces wrinkled and bunched? Try cutting slits in the transfer paper to ensure a smooth image.

6. Get Basic Tools for $1

A scraper to clean your cutting mat

Piercing & Scoring tools


7. Prevent Your Paper From Curling

Remove the mat from the paper versus removing the paper from the mat. This keeps your paper from being distorted during the pulling process.

8. Click GO to re-cut

If you find your material is too thick and didn’t properly cut, simply press the GO button to make a pass through the same place. If you remove the mat and then continue to press GO the Cricut will not cut directly in the same place.

9. Keep items from moving around the mat

Keep your items in place by using blue painter’s tape. The thicker materials are always the hardest to keep still!

10. Reuse your transfer tape

We’ve experimented and you can use each piece of at least 4×4 transfer tape around 7 times! This stuff isn’t cheap so get as much use out of it as you can.

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