10+ Halloween Crafts for Kids

10+ Halloween Crafts for Kids

Halloween will be here before we know it and to help you get ready, we’re sharing some of the most creative Halloween crafts for kids. Your kids are sure to love these activities and crafts. And you’ll love that you can do them on a dime. Be sure to bookmark this page and share it with your teacher and mom friends!

10+ Halloween Crafts for Kids

Grab your arts and craft supplies and get ready to make some super fun and cute Halloween crafts with your kids!

Glittery Pumpkin Mason Jars (The Best Ideas for Kids)

A few small mason jars and some acrylic paints are all you need for this creative Halloween craft idea. Your kids will have lots of fun (and get small motor skill practice) painting the jars and adding their own jack-o-lantern faces on them. Once complete, you can put a battery-powered tealight candle in them or turn them into candy jars filled with candy corn or Halloween colored jelly beans.

Paper Strip Pumpkins (Nurture Store) 

If you have little learners in your home or classroom, this is the perfect Halloween craft that will give them practice cutting with scissors. Start by drawing dashed lines across orange construction paper. Have your kids cut along the dashed lines to get strips. Use a split pin to attach all the strips at one end, then folding them up to attach at the other end. Add a small green strip of construction paper at the top for the “leaf.” Have them draw a jack-o-lantern face if they can, and that’s it!

Halloween Clay Pumpkin Keepsake (Non-Toy Gifts)

In addition to painting pumpkins you get from the grocery store, consider another pumpkin painting that will double as a keepsake. This salt dough handprint Halloween craft is made from air-dry clay and will capture the handprint of your child. Once dried, they can be painted and used as decoration or as a gift to family members.

Paper Plate Spiders (I Heart Crafty Things)

Simple, cute, easy, and fun. These paper plate spiders are great time fillers and allow kids to be creative simultaneously. All you need are paper plates, pipe cleaners, paint, googly eyes, and a stapler. Allow your kids to paint their spiders the color of their choice. Turn them into noise makers by adding small beans or rice between the plates for stapling. Add bent pipe cleaners for legs and lots of googly eyes for spider eyes.

Halloween Foam Spiders (See Vanessa Craft)

This is probably one of the easiest crafts to do with kids of all ages. Styrofoam balls painted black, Halloween-themed straws, and googly eyes are all it takes to create these spiders. These would be perfect for decorating a classroom or Halloween party.

More Halloween Craft Ideas for Kids

Below are several more ideas for mummies, witches, black cats, and more! These are just as simple and fun as the ones mentioned above and will keep your kiddos busy having a crafting good time:

Final Thoughts

These craft ideas can make celebrating Halloween so much fun and memorable. Lots of these ideas can be used for much more than just crafts and activities. Consider using them for party decorations and gifts too! Which ones are you most excited to do with your kids? Also, let us know of any activities that you like to do for Halloween as well!

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