10 Ways To Use Painted Rocks For Your Holiday Festivities

Whether you love to paint them or hide them, this fad is one that brings your creativity to surface! The excitement that comes from painted rocks is contagious. 

Here are a few ideas on how to incorporate painted rocks into your next holiday event.

1. Scavenger Hunt

This rock finding activity will be a hit with the younger ages! Keep them entertained before or after dinner by finding your painted masterpieces and giving them hints on their search.

2. Walkway Finds

Line your walkway with these gems. You could even ask your guests to help decorate rocks and line the walkway with their creations!

3. Setting the Table

Paint rocks with holiday cheer and use them in your centerpieces for guests to gaze at. Get ready for the compliments!

4. Mantle Decor

Don’t want to go out and purchase new decor for your mantle. Paint rocks like your favorites items. Plants, Santa figures, Easter eggs, stockings are all great ideas!

5. Rock Painting Contests

This is an option everyone will enjoy! Give guests a category to paint and have the remainder of guests choose their favorite.

6. Place Setting Markers

Writing guests names in a pretty script font on smooth rocks will be an eye catcher for sure!

7. Ornaments

Paint round rocks as ornaments for your Christmas Tree! Use hot glue to adhere a yarn look to the back and you’re set!

8. Keepsakes

Have your kids paint special rocks for loved ones. You can place these in gift sets or along in gift boxes. Grandparents would cherish these keepsakes for years to come!

9. Tic-Tac-Toe

Everyone loves a good family friendly game! We think oversized rocks as the “X” and “O” and a burlap sack or brown craft paper as the ‘board’ would be so fun!

10. Food Labels

So many different foods to choose from during the holidays! Differentiate these goodies by creating labels for our guests to make it faster to fill your plate!

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