3 Ways to Decorate Dollar Tree Heart Frames


•Method Ribbon cover, Mesh rolls and ruffle

Ribbons cut –

Mesh cut – 10in 


​Most supplies can be found at Trendy Tree or Hardworkingmomstore.com

Get Supplies Trendy Tree- https://bit.ly/350JHZO


  • 1.5in Red with white Valentines writing ribbon
  • 1.5in Pink and white gingham ribbon

Design #1


I’m going to begin by using a 4-yard section of pink ribbon that I’ve cut and attaching it to the bottom point of my heart with a zip tie.

Continue by pulling your ribbon through the center and wrapping it along the frame. If you need more ribbon to finish wrapping the frame, no worries. Zip tie where you ended off and start again with a new section of the ribbon. Once you get to the bottom point, cut your ribbon and hold it in place with a zip tie. (Be sure your ribbon is snug when wrapping.)

Feel free to hide your last zip tie but cutting a piece of extra ribbon and hot gluing it over the tie to hide it!

If you choose to add faux tulips, there are several ways to arrange them to look cute. Whatever you decide, they can easily be added by bunching them and place them within the “pockets” of your frame!

Design #2


This design will be similar to the design above as far as steps. Instead of using zip ties though you can easily tie knots in the yarn onto the frame to secure. With this design, we will be using chunky chenille yarn from Hobby Lobby and follow the steps from above!

Design #3


First, I will take my 21in red snow deco mesh and cut it into 10 inches sections.

Stack on top of each other and widthwise cut every 6 inches. You will have 3 sets of square sections now. 

Now I will use my Dollar Tree mesh and cut it into 10in sections. 

Grab your snow mesh squares and create a single ruffle from one square and place a curl from the Dollar Tree mesh in the middle. )If you choose to add two curls to the middle you will want to use ½ of the pipe cleaner and cut off the rest.) Secure with about ¼ of the pipe cleaner and tie to the middle rung of your heart frame.

Add an extra ruffle and curl combo to the bottom to emphasize the point!

 You know I like to add some dimension! I also created a double bow by hand to add to my hearts.

Want to see the whole process on video? Check out the tutorial on the Hard Working Mom Youtube channel:

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