5 Unique Spring Planter Ideas

5 Unique Spring Planter Ideas

Tiered Pot Planter

Give some dimension to your front porched with tiered planters! This one is fairly easy and inexpensive! You need two different size pots with soil added. Stack the small pot on top of the soil of the bigger pot. Place your plants in last and wah-lah! Add a solar-powered stake light for convenience.

Chandelier Planter

Add a bit of luxury to your porch! An older vintage chandelier works best for this project so visit your local thrift store or vintage shops.

First things first, if your chandelier could use a fresh coat of paint do so now. Next, remove the bulbs and replace them with small terra cotta pots and saucers. Plastic pots will do just fine also! You will also need waterproof glue. Elmers Probond is perfect! Glue the saucers within the bulb unit and the pots on top. Place your favorite delicate plants inside!

Hanging Colander Planters

Colanders make the perfect planters as you get the right amount of drainage for your beautiful blooms! (Be sure to line your colander with sheet moss first before adding your potting soil.) To Hang your planters, wrap the handles with twine and bring a string of twine up to the top for each side to create a knotted hanger. Use 3 colanders for a stunning display and hang them at different levels!

Vertical Ladder Planter

Use that unused ladder for some eye candy! Placing your flower pots in a vertical position will give your home some curb appeal. Transfer your plants into rectangle wooden crates for a little flair!

Stacked Tire Planter

Stack 3-4 tires for this project. Small lawnmower tires are ideal for a front porch to avoid crowding. Paint the tires to your desired color or design. Place a flower pot in the middle! (You may have to set your pot on a stand to reach the top tire.) Enjoy!

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