5 Unique Ways to Decorate Your Camper

Most recreational vehicles come with basic colors, which is all the more reason why we’d like to share unique ways to decorate your camper. You don’t have to fork out a lot of money to turn your camper into a comfortable abode and it may just surprise you of, how easy it is to do. Keep reading for our best camper decor tips and get ideas for upscaling your home on wheels.

Tips to Keep in Mind When Decorating Your Camper

There are a few things to keep in mind as you decorate your camper. For starters, you can decorate your camper any way you like. While it’s common to glean ideas from others, always stay true to your unique style preferences.

Second, if you are decorating a small camper, less can sometimes mean more. Instead of trying to add to your camper, look for ways things can be replaced. Some of the ideas we provide below will help with that.

Last but not least, have a budget in mind. You can still effectively decorate your camper and not spend a lot of money. Prior to starting your decor revamp, consider pre-shopping and getting an idea of what you want and how much those items will cost. A few places that are ideal for saving money are the Dollar Store, Hobby Lobby, and my shop.

5 Unique Ways to Decorate Your Camper

1. Choose a theme.

Is there a certain theme that appeals to you? Maybe you’d like to go with a souvenir theme that is comprised of a collection of things from places you and your family have visited. Other popular themes some campers go with are their favorite drink beverage (think Coca-Cola), a cartoon character (like Disney’s Mickey Mouse), or a particular pattern (stripes, stars/celestial, etc.). 

Starting with a theme can also help with pulling together other decor ideas. However, if you want to skip the theme idea, there are other things you can do to easily decorate your camper.

2. Add some color.

Since most campers are manufactured with the common beige, brown, or gray colors, swapping out the color scheme is a simple upscale. There are many options to choose from such as painting all of the interiors a new color, adding an accent wall, incorporating texture, and the like.

If you like the color of your camper, you can also add color through accessories. This could be adding a colorful throw rug in the walkway, a few accent pillows on the couch, or adding colored (or patterned) curtains to the windows.

3. Change up the appliances.

Now we’re not talking about putting in a whole new dishwasher or cabinetry. Giving your appliances an updo can be as simple as changing the knobs, updating the towel racks, or adding new light fixtures. This could also mean changing up the windows or doorways. Depending on the texture of your appliances, you could also add some paint to them to give them an entirely new look.

4. Exchange the furniture.

This idea may sound expensive, but you’d be surprised by what you can sell and swap out. You can find some great replacement furniture at local thrift stores and yard sales. It shouldn’t cost too much because you don’t need big pieces, only small ones like end tables, a small bench, and maybe a few chairs for the dining table.

5. Add wall decor.

You can get pretty creative with the wall decor you choose. And this is also a great time to figure out how to utilize your wall space. For example, if you want decor solutions that offer extra storage space, then you may want to try hanging wall baskets, pegboards, and racks. If you are more interested in looks, then hanging a few camper signs along with some accompanying decor will do. 

Final Thoughts

As you set off to decorate your camper, be sure to keep our tips and suggestions in mind. Also, take your time and tackle one part of your camper at a time. This will help keep the process stress-free and less overwhelming. Always remember that anything you add can always be changed later. Nothing has to be set in stone!

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