5 Winter Crafts You Can Do With Dollar Tree Glasses, Vases, and Jars

There are quite a few winter crafts you can do with Dollar Tree glasses, vases, and jars. In this post, I’m going to show you five tutorials that take just minutes to create and cost just pennies on a dollar. Take the guesswork out of how to decorate for the winter season and try your hand at one of these ideas. 

5 Winter Crafts You Can Do With Dollar Tree Glasses, Vases, and Jars

If you’re the minimalist type who would not only like to save money during the holiday season but also put up decor that’s appealing, you’ll love these ideas. By the time you’re finished, these won’t look like decorations made with Dollar Tree supplies. Instead, they’ll look like something out of the Home & Garden magazine.

Snow-Filled Glasses with Candles

This will most likely be the easiest winter craft project you could ever do that yields a beautiful look. All you need are a few glass jars, candle holders, or vases, a bag of Epsom salt, and tealight or votive candles. 

To create the snow-filled glass look, simply fill the glass container of your choice about a third of the way full with the Epsom salt. Then, nestle the tealight or votive candle down into the center. And that’s it! 

This is a look that can easily be tweaked by changing up the color of the candles you want to use. And you can also add embellishments in the snow such as mini bottle brushes, clear stones, or mini winter animals. You could also add a piece of ribbon around the upper rim.

Winter Wonderland Tablerunner

If you have a dining room table that you’re looking to decorate, consider this simple – but chich – winter wonderland table runner idea. To create the base of the table runner, you can use two candy cane-shaped wreath forms. You’ll need to cut the hooks off of each one and attach the two straight pieces together with zip ties or floral wire.

Creating the actual winter wonderland consists of faux pine garland, glass votive candle holders, holiday floral picks, and a variety of frosted greenery, branches, and berries. Assemble the table runner pieces with hot glue starting with the glass candleholders. Decide where on the runner you’d like to place them and secure them with glue.

Then, begin filling in the space with faux greenery and finishing any spots with floral picks. You can also add shiny and glittery silver ornaments, pinecones, and candles.

Pint Jar Holiday Cookies

This craft idea can double as decor and gifts, especially if you’re having a holiday party and want to send your guests home with a special gift. Pint jars are filled with your favorite cookie recipe or you can grab the one from the link in the title. 

Once you’ve filled the jars with the cookie recipe, finish the look with holiday-colored tissue paper, a rubber band, and a label. This is the perfect gift idea to give on behalf of your whole family to another!

Frosted Jar Candleholder Trio

For this look, you will need three jars of different sizes and shapes. You can use mason jars or go with a combination of jars and vases from Dollar Tree. In addition to the jars, all you need is mod podge, Epsom salt, kosher salt, and a few embellishments.

Paint a layer of mod podge onto the jars and roll them in a mixture of Epsom salt and kosher salt. Once that dries, you’re ready to apply your embellishments. For a farmhouse look use floral sprigs and twine for an easy finish. 

Position the trio of frosted jars on a plate to create a cute centerpiece for any table.

Homemade Snow Globes

Snow globes have always been a winter hit and now you can create your own. Using lidded jars, mini winter decor, cotton balls, and glitter – you can creatively make snow globes to match your holiday theme and style.

All you have to do is glue the winter decor to the inside of the jar lid. While that’s drying, pour fake snow, glitter, Epsom salts, etc. into the jar. Once the items on the lid have dried, screw on the top and turn the jar upside down (lid side down).

You can also do a reverse of this and fill the jar with a mix of Epsom salt and fake snow. Add mini bottle brush trees and other mini figurines like polar bears and reindeer. Screw the lid on and cover it with white tissue paper. Now you’ve created a winter wonderland snow globe!

Final Thoughts

These are super easy winter crafts you can do with Dollar Tree glasses, vases, and jars. Not to mention, they are great for getting the entire family involved or doing with your favorite crafting buddies. Save time and money when decorating your home this winter season with these creative winter craft ideas!

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