7 DIY Sign Ideas to Spruce Up Your Garden

Spring is the season of blooming, which is why we’d like to share a few DIY sign ideas to spruce up your garden. If you’re like most outdoor gardeners, the things you grow are only a part of the garden. It’s nice to give it a decorative touch with a few signs, stones, and even statues. Below, we’ve rounded up some of the best do-it-yourself garden sign ideas to help you beautify and decorate your garden.

7 DIY Sign Ideas to Spruce Up Your Garden

There are a variety of ways you can use signs in your garden. If you just so happen to be growing lots of different foods, they make great markers. They can also be used to help separate what you’re growing and make each section a unique patch. Last but not least, signs are always a good option when you’re looking for an overall decorative look for your garden space.

Painted Metal Box (or Bucket) Sign (Organized Clutter)

Using a painted metal box or bucket is a cute and innovative way to add character to any part of your garden. Whether you decide to use it as a marker or as an announcement piece, it can double as decor and a planter. Metal boxes and buckets are ideal for growing colorful flowers and herbs.

Painted Letters on Sticks Garden Sign (Sew Country Chick)

Wooden letters, sticks, and paint are all you need to create this garden sign. While it’s not the ideal sign, this is one that you can get pretty creative with. Sew Country Chick chose to spell out the word “garden,” but you don’t have to stop there. Use this idea to point out where you’ve planted herbs, spices, and other vegetables!

Wooden Garden Tours Sign (Style Me Pretty)

This is a sign you can recreate using just about any piece of scrap wood. The highlight of the sign is the saying, “Garden Tours 5¢”. This can be handwritten with a big Sharpie marker or stenciled on with acrylic paint or spray paint. Be sure to add a coat of protective finish so your hard work doesn’t wash off with the first rain.

Finish up the look by placing your sign at the beginning (or edge) of your garden surrounded by your biggest bouquet of flowers.

DIY Twig Garden Sign (Forum House)

What a unique way to showcase a greeting! Forum House chose the word “grow” positioned on a wooden fence; however, you can take this idea and run with it! All you’ll need is some card stock (or thick cardboard), twigs, and an idea of what you want to spell out. If hot glued and positioned correctly, you can create a hanging sign to place anywhere in your garden.

Vintage Windo Pane Welcome Sign 

Stop by your local thrift or antique store and pick up an old window pane. You can leave it as is or paint the trim. If the glass is still present, use it to write a greeting on. If not, consider the previous idea and hang your welcome phrase on the window pane itself. Position it in your garden just high enough where you can see most of the window, but not all.

Old Shovel Garden Sign (Bless My Weeds)

Before you toss that old rusty shovel, hang onto it and turn it into a vintage garden sign. This project idea doesn’t require much effort at all and definitely won’t break the bank. Use paint pens in whatever color you want and let your imagination run.

Old Chair Garden Sign (Flea Market Gardening)

If you don’t have an old chair, you’ll likely find one at the local thrift store or flea market. The style you want is totally up to you. If the chair has a thick enough back for you to write on, no need to make an additional sign to hang from it. In the event you do need a sign, making one from scrap wood is super easy.

Final Thoughts

Beautify your garden with these easy, do-it-yourself sign ideas. They are frugal, fun, and a great way to welcome guests into your growing space. Not to mention, it makes for an extra visual perk to a space that’s already flowing with flowers, edibles, and the like!

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