8 Tips To Increase Your Etsy Sales With Pinterest

If you are an Etsy seller, you know how hard it can be to generate traffic and make sales. Luckily, there is a service that can help! Pinterest is a visual search engine that allows users to “pin” content they find on the internet onto their boards. This article will discuss 8 tips for using Pinterest as a tool for generating more revenue from your Etsy shop.

One of the best ways to gain any traffic right now is with Idea Pins. These are Pinterest’s newest features and the users seem to love them. When you pin an idea, it will show up in the feeds of all your followers. This means that when they log on to Pinterest and scroll through their feed, they’ll see what you pinned instead of just seeing pins from people who follow directions, or you could be showing on the home feed as well when scrolling through for ideas.

One way that many Etsy sellers use Pinterest is by taking photos of items from their shop and uploading them to Pinterest as an Idea Pin. When taking the listing from Etsy you can use Canva and create a 4-7 slide of the project (TIP video is better) and don’t forget those CTA words and phrases.

Another way to help drive traffic to Etsy is following the less is more taking your newest items and pinning at least 45 days in advance will be a good rule of thumb to follow when you are a seasonal seller. One and done is the new motto. No more creating 10 images per URL those days have long gone.

SEO now some people say that SEO is not needed but that is not true the way that you get filtered on Pinterest is much different than Facebook or even Instagram. It’s by the image and then your text on your image, the title, and the description. There are many puzzles that have to come together for your pins to populate on Pinterest.

Images make sure your images are fresh and that they have never been on the platform before if you have posted this before it might be time to change the project or even change the image itself. I know this might be frustrating especially if you are just starting out and only have a handful of items in the shop to use for your marketing. Invest in stock images Canva is a great tool and affordable for the pro plan which comes with great stock images if you need extra help with marketing that blog.

Video Pinterest seems to be loving the video content right now and what will help your account stand out is using video where ever you can for your pins either in Idea Pins or even Regular video pins.

To increase the exposure of your pinnable items on Pinterest, you can use Rich Pins. These pins include more information about an image from sources such as Better Business Bureau and Google related to how to get your business off the ground and have success.

Last, but not least is to make your Pinterest account stand out. Add in the following elements:

– Custom profile picture with logo – Location on Profile

– Business name or products listed in Board titles (SEO!)

– Make sure you have a link back to your Etsy Shop!

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