9 Spring Mason Jar Craft Ideas to Try

If you have old jars lying around, put them to a crafty use with these spring mason jar craft ideas. I searched for the cutest and most inexpensive projects that I think you’ll love. So gather your jars and give some of these mason jar craft ideas a try!

9 Spring Mason Jar Craft Ideas to Try

Bunny Brownies in a Jar (Bubble Crumb)

I wanted to start with this craft because it’s more than just that. It’s the perfect Easter gift for the loved ones in your life and it’s one that goes far beyond looks. In this tutorial, Niki walks you through what to include in your mason jar so the receiver of this gift will have all they need to make yummy bunny brownie treats.

Stripe-Painted Mason Jars (Rosyscription)

This mason jar craft is just as cute as it is frugal. All you need are jars of any size and a couple enamel glass paint writers (at least 2 or more different colors). All you have to do is make stripes vertically down the jar in alternating colors. Then, fill the glass with water and flowers that match the stripes. Rosyscription went with yellow stripes and tulips but you can get colorfully creative with this idea.

Succulent-Filled Mason Jars (Tatertots and Jello)

If you’re looking for an earthy spring-themed craft, this is one to consider. Fill your mason jars with rocks, colored stones, dirt, and succulents of your choice. These are perfect for springtime decorating as well as gifts.

Distressed Mason Jars (The Simple Craft Diaries)

The distressed look goes perfectly with just about any decor theme. It all depends on the colors you want to use, and once you’ve chosen them, simply take a piece of sandpaper and “rough” the jar up a bit. These are perfect for table centerpieces that hold flowers, silverware, napkins, or more.

Yarn-Wrapped Easter Jars (Anders Ruff)

Perfect for Easter and beyond, these yarn-wrapped jars can add the cutest splash of color to any table, bookshelf, or room. Choose a few bright spring-related colors like pink, yellow, green, blue, and white and start wrapping. Secure the wraps along the way with glue and that’s it. Finish them off with flowers, plastic eggs, or tealight candles.

Cranberry Painted Glass Jars (Carolyn’s Homework)

Believe it or not, this isn’t your typical painted glass. You’ll actually be staining the glass a cranberry color from the inside. All you’ll need are jars of your choice, gloss lustre mod podge, water, and food coloring. The process takes a bit of time but the finished product is one you’ll love. 

Easter Top Mason Jars (Livvy Loo)

These will look like they were purchased at a high-end store! Thing is, they are Easter figurines fixed to jar tops with E6000 glue and painted. That’s it. You can choose figurines of your choice if you want them to last beyond Easter. Fill them with jelly beans, peeps, or some other candy for a cute treat!

Mason Jar Luminaries (Mom 4 Real)

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to paint glass jars with transparent glass stain. They use green for a St. Patrick’s Day theme, however, you can choose colors of your choice. If you choose to go the self-adhesive route, you can choose cutouts of your choice as well. For spring, consider using your Cricut machine to cut out flowers, butterflies, ladybugs, or the like.

Burlap Embellished Mason Jars (Creating from the Heart)

Last but not least is another mason jar craft that is perfect for spring. Mason jars are embellished with burlap, twine, Victorian paper eggs, greenery, and pastel eggs. It’s too cute to not share!

Final Thoughts

The spring season is often one of the favorites by most people, and rightfully so. The weather is getting warmer (depending on where you are in the world) and the days are longer. Flowers and trees start to bloom, birds sing a little louder, and things are refreshed and renewed. Celebrate the coming spring season with some of these mason jar craft ideas! I’d like to know which ones you try and/or some ideas of things you’ve done with mason jars that aren’t listed above. In the meantime, don’t forget to check out these black and white sign ideas!

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