Beach Home Decor Ideas: Shore-Inspired Design and Coastal Style

What’s Summer without vibrant decor and daydreaming of the beach? Step into a relaxing and fun environment with these DIY beach decor ideas for your home or an upcoming coastal-themed decor!

Beach Terrarium in a Jar

Supplies Needed;

Glass Jar


Paint & Paintbrush

Sea Glass

Glass Beads



Fairy Lights

Begin by painting the lid of the jar the paint color of your choice. We think turquoise or baby blue is a great color to fit the beach theme! Next, fill your jar with all of the items above and arrange for the perfect display. Fairy lights are a beautiful addition for a whimsical look.

Shell Wind Chime

Supplies Needed:

Bag of wood sticks




Drill & Small drill bit

First, drill holes in each side of one of the longer pieces of wood you have. This will be the base that the shells and beads hang from. Use twine to tie to each side of the wood so that you can hang your chime. 

Next, drill small holes along the stick to then tie pieces of twine from. String beads and shells of all sizes onto the twine and don’t forget to tie off the ends to avoid the beads from slipping off. 

Driftwood Sign

Supplies Needed:

Wood board


An old piece of barnwood works best for this project. Engrave a phrase or word into the wood and hang on your wall! Use words that play into the beach theme like “Relax”, or “Just Beachin’. 

Sea Garland

Supplies Needed:




Large Fish Hooks

Optional- Net

This is a great decor item that could be hung from various places like the bathroom, mantel, or even game room. 

Tie a loop at one end of the twine and continue to string shells and starfish. You could even use eye hooks so that these items dangle a bit. Hang large fish hooks from the twine and part of a net for a cool nautical vibe! Don’t forget to tie a loop on the other end of the twine when you are done so you can hang your garland.

Sea Glass Glassware

Supplies Needed:

Glass bowls

Craft Sea Glass

Hot Glue

Affordable glassware like vases, cups, and bowls can be found at your local Dollar Tree or online here!

Clean the glassware well with a damp washcloth and dry thoroughly. Then begin gluing the sea glass to the glassware until covered. These make great succulent dishes, silverware holders, or can be used to serve drinks at your next get together!

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  1. ROSE MARIE SCOTT on June 8, 2021 at 9:05 pm

    like this idea going to incorporate some of these ideas into my summer wreath

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