Best Christmas Tree Theme Ideas

Using a Christmas tree theme can be a fun and creative way of decorating your Christmas tree. Not to mention, this is also a great way to save money and stay organized at the same time. Having a theme for your tree also looks really nice and can typically be easy to switch up year after year. 

Best Christmas Tree Theme Ideas

If you are looking to decorate your tree with a theme, here are a few theme ideas to consider.

Traveler Tree

If you like to travel, chances are that in each location you have visited, you have purchased something small as a memento of your trip. Why not use those items on your Christmas tree this year? To add to its interesting display, you may want to hang small cards that give a summary of your trip, or perhaps the funniest or most embarrassing moments. This tree will surely bring the family together as you travel back in time and revisit those locations.

Family Tree

If you are a genealogist enthusiast, you might choose to decorate the tree with as many pictures of family members as you are able to locate. Add cards with anecdotes about their lives and your tree will have a life of its own.

For all decorations requiring models, you may want to check out your local Dollar Store or the Oriental Trading site. If you cannot find small replicas of the objects, you can always print them out on card stock paper, cut the shape out, add the ribbon or fishing line and hang them on the tree. You can also paste the pictures on Christmas balls made out of card stock to give variety to your display.


If you love animals, then why not do an animal-themed tree? There are different animal ornaments to choose from. You can find general animal ornaments, such as polar bears wearing Santa hats and dogs in stockings! Animal characters can also be included, such as Scooby Doo, Snoopy, Garfield, Bugs Bunny, and more! You can do a theme of only general animal ornaments, only animal characters, or both!


Christmas tree themes can also include a tree of different famous characters. This can include Snoopy, Woodstock, The Peanuts Gang, Scooby Doo, Garfield, M&Ms, Betty Boop, Strawberry Shortcake, Disney characters, and more! You can focus on specific characters or mix them up!

Patriotic Tree

If you’re nuts for stars and stripes, how about putting up a patriotic-themed Christmas tree? You can use miniature flags and decorate the rest of the tree with a series of stars in red, white, and blue. Of course, the tree top can be a huge shining star as well.

Homemade Decorations for a Christmas Tree

If your goal is to include the whole family in decorating the Christmas tree, then you could make a series of homemade decorations, making your Christmas tree as personalized as possible. Even though the smallest children might not be able to use fancy ribbons, they can still hang those toys they find in Happy Meal boxes on the Christmas tree.

Homemade snowmen that older children can bring home as part of a school project can be another simple idea for a Christmas tree decoration. With their Styrofoam bodies, egg carton hats, and a pipe cleaner that holds them all together, homemade snowmen can be stored and reused year after year.

Final Thoughts

The tree has become an integral part of Christmas celebrations. Its evergreen nature symbolizes the promise of life everlasting and of course, it also has the power to bring family and friends together during the holiday season to gaze at its magnificence.

You can pick a theme off of this list, or you may come up with your own! The ornaments and decorations for the different Christmas tree themes can be found in stores both online and offline. Once you buy or unpack what you need, decorating your tree in the theme you have chosen will be easy. Picking out the ornaments and decorating is something the whole family can enjoy together!

Have fun choosing a theme, gathering everything together, and decorating your tree in one of the many Christmas tree themes you can think of. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

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