Best Halloween Boo Basket Ideas for Kids

Halloween boo baskets have become an increasingly popular way to gift kids trinkets and candy of the season. Similar to an Easter basket, these baskets are a fun way to celebrate the Halloween season. Some parents have completely opted out of trick-or-treating in lieu of giving these baskets, doing neighborhood trunk-or-treats, or having small parties with family and friends.

If you’re looking for a unique way to give your kids something unique this Halloween, put together a boo basket! They are also a great idea for kids to gift their friends and neighbors.

How do you put together a boo-basket?

Making your own book basket (or boo bucket) is super easy. First, you’ll need to pick a basket or bucket. You can do an actual Halloween-themed one or use a bag, woven basket, or a plastic bin from the Dollar Store.

Next, it’s time to choose the candies and treats. This is also a good time to figure out if you want to go with a particular theme or not as well. Depending on the age and gender of your kids, you may want to do a beauty theme for older girls and a fun car theme for little boys. 

Last but not least, once you’ve got your basket (or bucket), chosen a theme, and purchased what you want to go inside, all there’s left to do is add everything into the basket and put your personal touch on it!

Best Halloween Boo Basket Ideas for Kids

The ideas below are easy peasy to pull off as well as tweak per your personal preference. These ideas are also practical, inexpensive, and unique!

Craft Night Boo Basket

This basket is perfect for the kiddo that loves arts and crafts. The Dollar Tree will usually have little wood crafts that are already cut out and ready to be painted. Grab a few of those, some markers or paints, and a few embellishments. Craft stores like Joann’s are also great places to find Halloween-themed craft kits.

Boo Mix Basket

The boo mix basket is packed with individual ingredients that can be combined to make a yummy Halloween snack. To make a boo mix snack, you’ll need things like candy corn, mini marshmallows, mini chocolate chips, and Golden Grahams. These should be individually bagged so your kids can combine them to make the mix themselves. 

Movie Night Boo Basket

A movie night boo basket is perfect for the entire family! Throw in a family-friendly Halloween movie, a few individual bags of popcorn, some drinks, and movie theater candy. Include Halloween-themed printable games for hands-on activity fun.

Beauty Boo Basket

Perfect for teen girls, this basket can be filled with all types of beauty products like purple, black, and orange nail polish, eyeshadows, lip gloss, and the like. You can also include makeup remover pads, cleansing face masks, and perfume. 

Book-Lover Boo Basket

This one is for book lovers. For younger kiddos, you can also include coloring books, flashcards, and so on. For older kids who are reading well, include some age-appropriate books to add to their reading stash. Include a fun Halloween-themed reading log to help them keep up with how much they read. Don’t forget the bookmarks, skeleton finger for reading, and other book-related trinkets.

More Halloween Boo Basket Ideas

Kids aside, you can also give boo baskets to adults, teachers, neighbors, and other family members. For teachers, consider filling a basket with snacks (apples, Chex mix, etc.), drinks, and a gift card to their favorite place to eat. Your adult best friend may enjoy a basket filled with a few things they love or something they can share with their family.

And when it comes to younger kiddos, here are some quick ideas of what to put in a basket:

  • Candy
  • Stickers
  • Crayons
  • Playdough
  • Puzzles
  • Small games

Final Thoughts

Start a new tradition with your kids (and others) with these Halloween boo-basket ideas. They are an inexpensive way to celebrate the season in a non-spooky way. The possibilities of what you want to do are almost endless, so have fun creating them. Last but not least, one of the greatest perks is the memories you’ll create in the process! 

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