Christmas Decorating Ideas on a Budget

As the holiday season draws near, using a few of these Christmas Decorating Ideas on a Budget can save you not only money but also time. Decorating your home for Christmas is a good way to bring on holiday cheer, but it can be expensive. Make some of your own cheap Christmas decorations to save money as well as exercise your creativity. The ideas below will help with just that!

Christmas Decorating Ideas on a Budget

Adorning the tree each year with hundreds of ornaments passed down throughout the years can become a tedious process. Families can get in the habit of rotating tree décor each year by opting to create a “theme tree.” For example, try decorating a tree with gold balls and red bows, or something similar. This can be a nice addition to any room and is much less time-consuming.

Some families choose to have two trees each year, one theme tree and one decorated by kids with their favorite ornaments. There is no need to weigh a tree down with every single ornament from the past twenty years, and sometimes it looks better with a few carefully-chosen keepsakes.

Bring the Outdoors In

Use items from your own backyard to add holiday cheer to your home without spending a ton of money. Paint branches from pine trees or other bushy plants with silver or gold spray paint and arrange them in bunches on tables or mantels. Painted branches are also attractive hanging in a group on a door or wall. 

Fill baskets with pine cones and set them on tables or in corners. Sprinkle the pine cones with cinnamon or pine fragrance for a holiday scent throughout your home. You can also spray-paint pine cones green and tie pretty ribbons on them. Place these miniature trees on shelves or tables.

Use Vases

Vases that are filled with peppermint candies or candy canes make an attractive display, but combining two vases is even better. Fit a small vase inside of a larger vase, and fill the gap between the two vases with gum drops, peppermints, or any seasonal candy. Fill the smaller vase halfway with water and place red or white flowers in it. 

Small vases can also be used to hold red and green candles. Use scented candles for a holiday fragrance. The glow from tables and windows will give the room a Christmas feel.

Use What You Have

Look around your home for items that can be used to give your home a holiday feel. Teddy bears and other stuffed animals borrowed from a child’s room can be adorned with red and green ribbons and bows and set around the house. Wrap empty boxes with spare wrapping paper for extra decorative gifts under the tree. 

Arrange smaller boxes in the stuffed animals’ laps, or sit the stuffed animals on top of larger boxes. You can also stack the decorative gifts in a corner or on a table. Use fabric scraps and cookie cutters to create small Christmas designs such as candy canes or stockings. Hang the shapes from a line using clothespins or thread a string through them to create a one-of-a-kind garland.

Enlist Help from Family Members

There is no need to add to the stress of the holidays by trying to decorate the house and Christmas tree alone. Each family member can help, in big ways or small, and make the experience more enjoyable. Delegate areas of the house to each person; someone can be in charge of outdoor lights, another person can wrap gifts and place them under the tree, and another can hang ornaments.

Children can be in charge of decorating their own rooms and creating their own miniature trees. Students home from college can spend spare time filling out Christmas cards or making popcorn and cranberry strands. Get everyone in on the fun, and it will be less of a chore.

Final Thoughts

Decorating for Christmas should be fun! Use the Christmas decorating ideas on the budget mentioned above to save extra money this holiday season. Don’t hesitate to cut back, start early, and ask for help when adorning the house to reflect the beauty of the season.

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