Christmas Gifts Family and Friends Will Remember

As you brainstorm what to get your loved ones this holiday season, take into consideration some of our ideas for Christmas gifts that family and friends will remember. Christmas is a time when we tend to spend tons of money on gifts that people probably don’t need. The reality that is gifted often gets forgotten and rarely used. This Christmas you can give gifts that will be truly remembered by your friends and family.

Christmas Gifts Family and Friends Will Remember

These ideas are sure to inspire you to give gifts that are heartfelt, sentimental, and most of all – priceless.

Homemade Gifts

Homemade presents are as unique as you make them and can help cut down the cost of buying during the holiday season. Gifts can be as simple as a batch of someone’s favorite cookies or a handcrafted ornament to hang on the Christmas tree. 

Homemade presents can also be thoughtful services such as making a loved one breakfast in bed or coupons with various favors (babysitting, washing the dishes, or cooking dinner). Homemade gift baskets can be creative and themed with ideas such as breakfast, Italian cuisine, movies, or sports.

Make a Basket of Baked Goods

Sometimes the best gifts are the ones we create ourselves. If you are good in the kitchen, why not make a special gift basket? You can make different treats and get some fancy paper, ribbons, trays, or other items to give the basket a personal touch. 

While baking might be a lot of work, the end result can be a truly unique gift that you made yourself and didn’t just pick up in the store. If you have small children get them to help too!

Movie Lovers

This gift can consist of either a gift card to a video rental store or a DVD of your choice. Throw in some popcorn (microwave or bagged) and either movie-size candies or miniatures. These items can be arranged in a large popcorn bowl. Other items that you could add are a nice throw blanket and your loved ones’ favorite soda (the kind that comes in glass bottles looks best).

Gifts for Grandparents

Elderly people in our lives usually have everything they need. Some of the best gifts for them are very personal ones. Have your child create some drawings or a card. Take some family photographs and make up a picture gift to give them. 

You could include pictures from various stages in your family history such as the birth of children or a special event like a graduation. Our grandparents like to look back on these memories and remember their lives, so make them a gift that they will treasure for the rest of their days.


If you are handy, why not make some special craft items to give to friends and family? Maybe you can sew, create paintings, photo cards or make handmade toys. Anything that you can construct by hand makes for a wonderful gift. The value of something made with our hands in that old-fashioned personal way is priceless. These gifts are the ones that will get remembered, not that new iPad,  video game, or the latest gadget.

Game Night

This gift can be put together in any kind of basket or another container of your choosing and be given to the entire family (or another). Include a variety of board games, playing cards, and puzzles everyone will enjoy taking advantage of. 

If there is a very little one, you might want to have a memory game or Chutes and Ladders and then an adult game for the parents. Whatever the age range of the family you are buying for, be sure to have plenty of options to choose from. In the gift basket, you can also throw in some snack foods- candies, chips, popcorn – whatever the family would enjoy.

Final Thoughts

This year, look to things that are truly special to give to your friends and family. Sometimes the best gifts are those that might seem simple but they become a lasting treasures for the people who receive them. Keep these Christmas gifts that family and friends will remember in mind, especially if you’re looking to give gifts that come from the heart. Overall, this is what the spirit of the Christmas season is all about.

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