Dallas Cowboys DIY wreath

Dallas Cowboys Football Ruffle Wreath

It’s that time again!

Football season is upon us and we are breaking out our team gear.

Try recreating this woodland ruffle wreath to take your support up notch this year!

Method: Woodland Ruffle/30in ruffle

Supplies needed:
  • 2.5in Silver ribbon with blue stars
  • 2.5in Blue canvas ribbon
  • 1.5in Silver ribbon with blue stars
  • 2.5in Silver with blue striped ribbon
  • Silver pipe cleaners

Begin by cutting mesh rolls into 30 inch sections. There will be 9 of each color. 

(For easy cutting and measurement of the mesh, try out my favorite collapsible mesh roller!)

Tie ten silver pipe cleaners to your work wreath. Tie 10 of these to the bottom two rungs of your form.

Next tie 10 pipecleaners to the top two rungs of the form.

Using each section of mesh, roll up once on the end and bunch the mesh straight up the center to create a butterfly effect. Tie the mesh bundle with a pipe cleaner on the form.

Repeat and alternate colors.

I then cut my ribbon into 4 in sections and tied them sporadically to the wreath.

To add your chosen sign to the wreath, you may have to drill holes or use pipe cleaners to keep them in place. 

Check out my Youtube video on How to make a woodland ruffle with 30in ruffle wreath Dallas Cowboys wreath for cute bow add ons to spruce up this wreath a bit more!

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