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Wreaths have become a prominent decorative ornament worldwide due to their simplicity and availability. Previously, wreaths only associated as a part of Christmas decoration that has since gained mainstream popularity. You can now flaunt these household ornaments as a headdress or as a garland around the neck. The possibilities are endless. 

There is something elegant about the assortment of leaves, flowers, twigs, and small fruits that give the wreath its definitive look. There is a rich history behind the use of such decoration that dates back to ancient Greece. However, Christians made the use of wreaths most famous for representing eternal life and God’s love. 

Types of Wreaths

Although the association of wreaths is mostly with Christmas, they also have a real significance with other festivals. Let us see various types of occasional wreaths that you should know about. 

Christmas Wreaths

Perhaps the most prominent and popular occasion of using a wreath without which the festival looks incomplete. From a religious view, wreaths denote an eternal circle of life and its beauty. The greenery in the ornament represents growth and development. 

Classic Christmas wreath is a combination of green and red colors that you can find in various designs. They are available in modern, traditional, or decorative designs with varying sizes to choose from accordingly. Some variations of Christmas wreaths may include artificial wreaths (made from fake leaves), fiber optic (with lights), or dried leave (twigs and leaves are dried and then shaped) wreaths. The choice depends on your preference and the decoration style that you follow. 

Floral Wreaths

Floral wreaths are the ones created entirely from flowers. The assortment of different floral color combinations gives it a look that enhances the décor of your living room or study. The best part about these wreaths is that you can design them yourself using flowers from your home garden. You can use different flowers or single (if you want to go for simplicity).

Variations in floral wreaths include wreaths for funerals made from flowers such as roses, lilies, carnations, gerbera, and others. 

Seasonal Wreaths

Christmas is not the only season to use wreaths as house decoration. Today, there is an availability of ornamental seasonal wreaths that have the versatility to using all year round for home decoration. These wreaths can be hung in summer, fall, winter, or spring and have their floral composition accordingly. You can pick the right choice depending on the mood of the season. 

Seasonal wreaths consist of material like dry twigs and leaves (fall), blooming flowers and berries (spring), grapevines and DIY butterflies (summer), or pinecones and DIY snowballs (winter). 

DIY Wreaths

Besides the other wreath types, you can also make some by yourself. All you need are some leaves, flowers and lots of creativity. DIY wreaths are all about projecting your love for home décor and feature your imagination. 

Final Word

Wreaths are the most attractive and elegant way to make your home feel more welcoming. They also make for the perfect gift for someone that looks beautiful yet is very cost-effective. Owing to their different styles, sizes, and designs, these wreaths are perfect for any occasion of the year. Whether it is a joyous or sorrowful event, wreaths make the ideal choice to project your love for nature and life’s beauty. 

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