Different Ways Of Storing Your Wreaths

A wreath most widely seen in the Christmas season is more than just a decoration piece. People nowadays hang wreaths, thinking of it as a common practice without knowing the rich history behind it.

The word “wreath” is derived from the word writhen, which means to writhe or twist. The tradition of hanging wreaths originated from ancient Rome when Romans used to hag them to signify status or victory. Women also wore them on their heads as a sign of pride and for happy occasions. 

The ancient Romans appreciated the wreaths and used them to showcase their pride, prosperity, and status in society. Wreaths were also used to symbolize the circle of eternal life. It was used at funerals of Christian martyrs to represent the precedence of the eternal spirit over death.

Originating in ancient times and being with the highest regards, wreaths have the utmost historical importance as well as religion.

Nowadays, it is actively used as not only one of the most utilized Christmas decorations but also a unique decoration for every other season. But usually, it is iconically used in the merriest time of the year. This is where the real issue arises.

As beautiful and festive they are during the holidays, storing them safely in the off-season is a big conundrum.  Because of their bulky and odd shape, they require substantial allocated space to be stored and keep their shape intact. This involves having dedicated containers like cardboard boxes of equal size and storage space to ensure the wreaths and all of their delicate constituents stay intact. So they can be reused for the next jolliest time of the year.

Some ideal ways of storing them to make sure their beauty and shape stay intact are:

  1. Hanging them in gallery style

If you have a space that resembles a garage or attic, you can hang each of your wreaths along the walls with a hook or a nail in a display style. This makes them easy to reach, and you can access them at any time. You can also utilize the space for other purposes while safeguarding the wreaths effortlessly, making storage efficient.

  1. Hanging them on a rack

Don’t have a lot of space to work with? You can easily hang your wreaths on a hanger and in a closet or rolling rack. Hanging them individually helps avoid destroying any decorations or ruining their shape while you can use the remaining space for other storage needs.

  1. Using a fabric wreath container

Suppose your wreath collection is a small one. You might want to consider a fabric-based wreath container. These wreath containers are easy to find and have features like clips and carabiners inside to secure your wreaths better.

  1. Using a plastic wreath box

Plastic wreath boxes are easy to find and provide additional security with their hard plastic structure. Plastic wreath boxes have a better life than others, and they can be stacked upon one another for more storage efficiency.

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