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DIY Beach Wreath

It’s Summer time! Who’s ready to hit the beach?

If you’ve been dreaming of the warm sun, sand on your feet, waves and seashells, this wreath is a perfect addition to your home decor! Learn how to create a beautiful DIY beach wreath with all of the tools and steps you need.


• 20in  Ruffles

Ribbons cut -12

Mesh cut – 20in


​Most supplies can be found at Trendy Tree or Hardworkingmomstore.com

Get Supplies Trendy Tree- https://bit.ly/350JHZO

Kit https://hardworkingmomstore.com/produ…

15in purple work wreath frame

10in Tan  deco mesh  

10in Purple  Deco mesh


 2.5 ” x 10 Mermaid and shell tan ribbon

 2.5″ Seafoam blue ribbon

 1.5″ Zig zag ribbon

-1.5″ purple jelly ribbon

1.5″ glitter turquoise ribbon


For this wreath we aren’t going to cut the mesh to begin. Instead, to create poofs, pull out your roll of mesh and secure the end of the mesh to the form with a zip-tie. Fold the mesh in half and pull out to create slack between the first and third ties. Secure mesh in the second tie and fan out the slack! Proceed all the way around the wreath and then continue to the bottom level of the form creating poofs. 

Next, I’m going to cut my purple mesh into 20 inch sections. With these sections I am going to create ruffles by placing the sections with curl side down on a flat surface and running your thumb up the middle to form a “bowtie”. Secure these ruffles in every tie or every other tie- Your choice!

Start cutting the remainder of the tan mesh into 8-10 inch sections. 

My ribbon combos will be zig zag ribbon and seafoam ribbon layered on top. Place one of these ribbon combos with a curl using the tan ribbon you just cut. ( To create a curl you will lay the mesh on a flat surface where the mesh will naturally curl on its own.) Secure in a tie.

The other ribbon combo will be glitter turquoise layered on top of the mermaid ribbon. Continue to pair this combo with a curl and place in a tie. Alternate ribbons around the wreath. 

For my oversized bow, I will be using my EZ Bow Maker!

Cut all ribbons into 12-inch sections. Use the blue seafoam ribbon, glitter turquoise, mermaid, zigzag ribbon, and the purple jelly ribbon to include in your bow. Slide a zip tie underneath the layers and remove it from the bow maker. Adjust and fluff the ribbon and secure it tightly. Be sure to twist the zip-tie around to the back of the wreath. Secure your bow using floral wire as well as the sign. Punch holes in all 4 sides of the sign and run floral wire through the holes and through the back of the wreath.

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