DIY Christmas Table Top Centerpieces

Dressing up the focal point of your dining room is sure to catch the eye and start conversations! These ideas are simple yet festive, fun and elegant. Whatever your home decor style, here are a few craft ideas for every table.

Christmas Luminaries

Adjusting the lighting can set the mood for a warm and cozy Christmas evening. These simple luminaries are perfect to decorate your table. 

Purchase a medium Mason Jar and gather fresh cranberries, greenery and floating candles. Fill with water and insert your items for a beautiful DIY centerpiece!

Festive Glitter Candles

The items used to create these candles can be purchased for less than $5 at Dollar Tree!

Using red glitter and a little glue cover the bottom half of a few pillar candles. So simple and elegant! Add red and white beads or snowflakes as a table runner to place among your new candles.

Wine Bottle Snow Display

Wine bottles can be used in so many ways! Paint your bottles white. While the paint is still wet add a layer of fake snow to the outside!

These look so dreamy as a set of 3 with silver Christmas branches placed inside. Add them to a tray with some Christmas balls and more snow. The bright white texture of this display is an eye catcher!

Snowman Place Setting

This place setting is so fun to create and doesn’t need any more supplies than what you already have in your pantry! Place a small white plate and a larger white plate upright to create the head and body of your snowman. Use a knife as the brim of the hat and a red napkin above as the body of the hat. Fold up a red napkin and fold in half to place to the side of where the two plates meet to act as a scarf for your snowman. Use a fork and spoon as the arms. Place chocolate chips to act as eyes and a carrot to act as the nose! So festive!

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