DIY Dollar Tree Candy Cane Craft

Supplies Needed: 

  • 2.5in Red and White Striped Candy Cane
  • Ribbon 2.5 Red white snow strip
  • 2.5 Red and White Ribbon
  • 2.5 Green, Red and White Ribbon
  • Other combinations of Christmas ribbon


First, take the striped candy cane ribbon and place underneath the bottom of the form. It is a good idea to overlap the bottom rung with ribbon so that the wire is not visible. 

Next, begin to wrap the ribbon up the candy cane form overlapping about an inch as you go up. Be sure to have a glue gun handy to place beads to keep the ribbon in place.

Once you get to the top glue the edges to complete.

Let’s add a bow!

Using my Bowdabra I fold and place all varieties of my ribbon inside. I used about 7 different ribbons for this look. 

I also make tails for my bow using two of the ribbons about 22 inches each and fold them in half to place in the Bowdabra. I then tie them with a pipe cleaner and tie around my candy cane in the middle. 

Open and puff your ribbons by pulling them in different directions and feel free to add accessories like candy ornaments, reindeer, twigs or sparkles.

Wha-lah, you’re done!

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