DIY Easter Wall Decor

It’s time to make that transition! Put away your Winter decor because Spring is right around the corner. Check out these wall decor ideas to prep for the Easter holiday!

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Wooden Garland

I love to include natural materials into my Easter decor. 

To create a cute and minimalist Easter themed garland, I used small wood slices! Grab a drill and make holes in the top of the wood slices to string onto jute twine. Using stencils and a pastel paint to create your favorite Easter saying onto the wood slices. Get creative and string on eucalyptus leaves or other foliage for a chic touch!

Easter Crosses

There are so many ways to create a cute cross to display on your wall! My favorite look is using craft twigs. You can purchase separate twigs from a craft store like Trendy Tree. You can also get a premade twigs cross like this one! Add some beautiful bright tulips and Easter eggs for that WOW factor.

Easter Egg Wall Hanger

This Easter egg patchwork frame is so cute!

Paint the inner patchwork design white and leave the outer frame natural. Create the perfect oversized bow using a tool like the Bowdabra and pretty designer ribbon! Grab some floral wire and attach your bow to the middle of the frame. Also, for fun you can purchase some crafts eggs like these and adhere them to the frame using hot glue!

Picket Fence Sign

We all love a good picket fence look! Purchase picket fence wood singles and paint them white. Next, place your favorite premade sign in the middle with floral wire or old-fashioned nails and a hammer. You can also get creative and paint on a quote with fun Easter colors.

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