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DIY Easter Wreath Ideas

These DIY Easter Wreath Ideas are sure to inspire you to create something you’ll be proud to hang on your front door all while showing your love for the Easter holiday (and spring season). Most of these ideas use Dollar Store materials or things you may already have in your craft stash. Get ready to get your crafty on with these beautiful and unique ideas.

DIY Easter Wreath Ideas

Easily transition your front door to reflect the Easter holiday and spring season with these wreath ideas.

Two-Supply Easter Wreath by Live Laugh Rowe

Yep, all you’ll need are just two supplies. Easy peasy, right? Head to the craft store and pick up a grapevine wreath form and egg garland. Although you can use the grapevine wreath itself to secure the garland, hot glue and/or floral wire are optional securing supplies. The brown from the wreath and the neutral colors of the eggs makes this perfect for a farmhouse theme.

Fluffy Easter Bunny Wreath by Busy Creating Moments

This Easter craft is not only cute but it also takes less than 30 minutes to make. It’s also a wreath you can get your kiddos involved with making as well. All of the supplies can be purchased from Amazon or you may can find them at your local Dollar Store or craft store. Having this fluffy bunny wreath on your door is sure to bring about the Easter holiday spirit.

Fabric-Wrapped Easter Wreath by Making It Fun

Grab your fabric scraps and use them to create an Easter wreath that’s fun, bright, and easy to make. Torn strips of bright-colored and patterned fabric are wrapped around styrofoam balls of various sizes, then fixed onto a circle styrofoam wreath form. You can pin them on or hot glue them to keep everything secure.

Floss-Wrapped Easter Egg Wreath by Simply Joy

Recreate this cute wreath for less than $10! It doubles as a bit of a science experiment, so you may want to grab the older kids to join in. Embroidery floss is dipped in a flour and starch mixture then wrapped around water balloons (yes, water balloons) to harden. Once the embroidery floss has dried, you’ll be left with egg shapes, which are then secured in a circular shape to create a wreath. This wreath is one that can be used year after year.

Bunny in Grass Wreath by Happy Housie

Although this wreath uses a variety of supplies, they are all easy to come by and don’t cost very much at all. You’ll end up creating a cute Easter bunny scene using a glass bunny (or you can go for a plastic one if you can find it), faux grass, mini eggs, and burlap. If you have a few craft friends, this would be the perfect wreath to make together.

Glitter Easter Egg Wreath by Artsy Fartsy Mama

You’ll need about four dozen glittered eggs, which can be found at Walmart. Or, you can purchase some plain plastic eggs and cover them in glitter yourself. All there is to making this wreath is hot gluing the glittered eggs onto a styrofoam wreath form and you’re done. There’s no need to cover the back since it won’t be seen at all.

Bunny Ears and Burlap Wreath by Sustain My Craft Habit

This is another one of those simple wreaths that take just a few supplies. A grapevine wreath form, medium-weight woven fabric, burlap ribbon, and a few supplies you most likely already have on hand are all you need to make one of these bunnies earns wreaths yourself. Hop over to Sustain My Craft Habit for a thorough tutorial.

DIY Hobby Lobby Easter Bunny Wreath by Southern Charm Wreaths

Hobby Lobby has lots of wreath forms for just about every holiday, and Easter is no different. Pick up a bunny-shaped wreath, spring flowers, an assortment of ribbon, and an assortment of silk greenery. This wreath is easy to make and has a beautiful ending result. You’ll be amazed at how professional it looks!

Final Thoughts

These DIY Easter wreath ideas are some of the best I could find that are easy to make and light on the purse. Which one are you most excited about trying? Let me know in the comments below! Don’t forget to watch one of my videos on YouTube

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