DIY Lush Lavender Candles

Lavender is widely used for crafts as it dries beautifully and leaves behind a lovely scent that lasts for days! We love to use dried lavender year-round to make great gifts and party favors!

Supplies needed:

Glass Mason Jar

Dried Lavender

Candle Wax

Candle Wicks with clips

Double Boiler



Essential Oil

Start by melting white soy wax or white paraffin wax in a double boiler.

Lay the mason jar on its side and place a stem of lavender on the inside of the jar. Then take a small amount of wax and place it at the bottom of the stem and the bottom of the jar. Use a utensil to press the wax against the side of the jar to hold the stem in place.

Continue to place lavender stems all around the jar using the same steps above.

Once the lavender is placed around the sides, stand the jar upright.

Pour a small amount of wax into the bottom of the jar and place the wick inside and push the metal clip into the bottom.

To hold the wick in the center of the jar, wrap the free end of the wick around a scewer and rest the skewer on top of the jar.

We love to use a few drops of citrus, mint or even vanilla essential oil from Edens Garden Essential Oils to the melted wax and gently stir before pouring into the jar.

While pouring the remainder of the wax, feel free to sprinkle lavender throughout!

Leave the wax to cool and trim your wick to ¼ to ½ from the top.


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