DIY Outdoor Lawn Games & Activities

With warm weather and the sunshine now present it’s time to get ready for BBQs and outdoor get-togethers. What better way to entertain than to get your guests involved and on their feet. Check out our list of top outdoor lawn games and activities that you can do yourself!

Wine Bottle Ring Toss

This one is classic and suitable for all ages. Gather 10 wine bottles for each game and these can be left free-standing or placed in a crate to keep from falling over. To create rings we used both wire and rope to intertwine and make circles. If you’re looking for a challenge, you can use shower rings and cover them in the fabric of your choice! You will need 4-6 rings.


Who doesn’t love twister?

All you need for this yard game is spray paint in colors green, red, yellow, and blue to create circle patterns in the grass. To create a spinner, cardboard, markers, and a popsicle stick are the only supplies needed. Divide the cardboard into 4 sections. Start by drawing a large circle in the middle to include all 4 sections. Draw pie piece sections and use all colors for each of the 4 sections. In the four corners add the words 

-Left foot

-Right foot

-Left hand

-Right hand

Place your stick in the middle and take turns spinning!


This is the easiest DIY lawn game.  For the game, you will use 2’X4’ pieces of wood and paint if you want to add a little color. For reference, you will need (6) 2’X3’X8’ boards

Cut them down to size and Wa-lah!

Rock Tic Tac Toe

Fun for the whole family! Finally, put those painted rocks to use. Gather large cardboard squares as boards and draw your hashtag sign base with permanent market or paint. Next, paint rocks in pairs like bees and butterflies, cats and dogs, or hearts and stars for each team. Quick, easy, and so much fun!

Backyard Mini Golf

Get your golf clubs ready! Create a mini-golf course by using random items in and around your home to form an obstacle course. These items can include things like outdoor toys, bicycles, yard gnomes, cups, crates, pool noodles, and more!

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