DIY Valentine’s Day Decor Ideas

Looking for Valentine’s Day decor ideas? I’ve got you covered with some of the cutest crafts that you can easily do yourself and on a budget! Whether you’re looking for wall art, something for your front door, or simple everyday decor – you’re sure to find some decoration ideas to try.

DIY Valentine’s Day Decor Ideas (using Dollar Tree supplies)

Even if you don’t have a Dollar Tree near you, most of the supplies needed for these ideas can be picked up at any dollar store or craft store. These are also ideas that can be done with kids, crafting buddies, or by yourself. Here’s to adding a bit of extra love this Valentine’s Day season.

Valentine Table Decorations

Valentine Table Votives

Using jars of any size, you can create table votives that add a nice touch of light to your dining room (or kitchen) table. You can paint the outside of the jar, leaving a heart shape on one size or you can paint the jar with mod podge (still leaving a heart shape on a side) and cover it with glitter. Once everything has dried, add a tealight candle on the inside and position the votives in table runner style down the center of the table.

Framed Valentine’s Day Art

Pick up a few Dollar Store frames and fill them with a variety of Valentine’s art. You can find lots of free printables on Pinterest or even create your own. Position the frames on your table for all to see and feel the love.

Ideas Using Mason Jars

Valentine Mason Jar Lantern

For this craft, all you’ll need is a mason jar, acrylic paint in Valentine colors of your choice, yarn, and tealight candles. The Dollar Tree now carries battery-powered ones making them safe for children. Begin by painting the inside of the jar. You can get pretty creative with stripes, checkered print, or a solid color. While the inside is drying, take a piece of yarn (long enough to tie around the neck of the jar) and create a bow. Once the inside of the jar is dry, add a tealight candle. These make cute and easy gifts for your best friends, teachers, or to decorate a space in your own home.

Conversation Hearts Jar

This is probably the easiest craft and the simplest way to tell someone Happy Valentine’s Day in a sweet (and cute) way. Simply fill a mason jar with conversation hearts, apply the top, and add a bow with a ribbon (or piece of yarn). Easy peasy!

Valentine Love Letters

Valentine’s Day Chalkboard

All you need for this craft is a heart-shaped piece of wood, acrylic paint, twine, and a clear chalkboard coating. In some stores, you’ll be able to find a chalkboard in a heart shape which would cut back on a lot of time. If you’ll have to do the painting, start by adding a coat of acrylic paint of your choice. Wait until it dries completely before adding a coat (or 2) of the clear chalkboard coating. There are also directions on the bottle for dry time so be sure to follow those. In the end, you’ll have a neat way to share words (or sentences) of love. These are also great for decorating for a romantic dinner.

Box of Hearts

You can use a shoebox wrapped in Valentine’s paper or pick up a wooden box and decorate it with heart stickers. Fill the box with pink, red, and white paper hearts that have little love notes on them. Encourage your loved ones to pick a heart a day to read and be reminded of how much you care for them. This is also a good craft for the entire family to do together and share with one another.

Valentine’s Day Wreaths

Heart-Shaped Rag Wreath

Grab a heart-shaped foam wreath and find an old rag (or t-shirt). If the fabric you’ve found isn’t a Valentine-related color, simply dye it to give it a pop of color. If you’re unfamiliar with dyeing fabric, you can do it in four simple steps. You’ll need a basin or something you don’t mind changing colors. Fill the basin with warm (to hot) water and add your desired color. The more you add, the deeper the color you’ll get. 

Be sure to wear gloves so you don’t stain your hands. Then, add your fabric and stir nonstop for about 10 minutes. Remove the fabric, place it in a sink, and rinse beginning with warm water then changing to cold. Lastly, wash your fabric by itself on the cold cycle and you’re all set to start using it for your wreath.

Once you have your rag or t-shirt, cut it into strips. Then, begin tying the strips into knots on the heart-shaped wreath frame. It’s okay if some overlap and it’s actually a good thing to have more than you think you’ll need. Make sure the fringe part is facing outward to give the wreath an extra textured shape. To hang your wreath, add a cute white rope or use an extra strip to create a hook.

Ribbon-Wrapped Valentine Wreath

You can land some pretty cute colored ribbons at the dollar store and around Valentine season, you may be able to find some with buffalo check, hearts, or other beautiful patterns. Grab a few spools of your desired ribbon and a heart-shaped wreath form. This craft also works with any other shape. If you want to add an extra touch to your wreath, grab a few wooden hearts or love words.

Start by securing one of the ribbons to the wreath with a touch of hot glue. Then start wrapping the ribbon around the wreath until it is completely covered. You can leave it as is or paint the wooden cutouts and hot glue them to the bottom right (or left) side of your wreath. Hang this beauty on your front door or use it to decorate other spaces in your home.

Simple Seasonal Touches

Cookie Cutter Windchime

Grab an extra set of heart-shaped cookie cutters and use them to make an adorable and unique wind chime. All it takes is a few different shapes and some twine. Start by creating a slipknot with the twine so you’ll have a loop for hanging. Starting from the top and moving down each of the two strings, choose different places to tie on the cookie cutters. Make sure some of them will touch so when the wind blows, they’ll make a little noise.

Valentine’s Inspired Painted Vase

This is a craft project that will last long after the season of love. Choose any color to paint your vase and add your favorite kind of flowers. Use this to decorate the living room, dining room table, or give as a homemade gift.

Final Thoughts

This time of year always makes for a fun time exploring different ways to decorate for Valentine’s Day. The creative ideas above are a great way to not only add a splash of color to your living space but also make for some lovely gifts. Which one are you most excited to get started on?

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