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DIY Spring Wreaths

According to Punxsutawney Phil, the all-knowing, season-predicting groundhog, we can anticipate an early Spring this year. What better way to ring in the warmer months than with some adorable DIY Spring wreaths? No need to pinch your pennies, for these ideas are affordable and made from inexpensive materials.

Watering Can Wreath

A watering can wreath is the perfect way to enhance the nature-like essence of wreaths. Not only will your flowers fit perfectly within the pot, but they’ll look like they belong as well. Just loop a wire around the can’s handle so it can be affixed to the door. For added fun, consider decorating the watering can with solid paint, fabrics, or murals.

If you need some inspiration for your watering can wreath, watch the following the video of fellow crafter, Mel, of Mel’s Corner Creations, create a watering-can inspired wreaths. Jump to 49:50 in the video for the watering can tutorial.

Mel’s Corner Creations Live Video on Facebook: DIY Floral Arrangements

Basket Wreath

If you’re looking to give your spring wreath some eye-catching texture, basket wreaths are the ideal way to achieve this look. If you opt for real flowers, you’ll want to line the bottom of the basket with sturdy paper that can catch the water. In doing so, you’ll avoid leaks, and your basket won’t deteriorate from watering.

Welcome Wreath

Perhaps you aren’t a fan of welcome mats, or maybe you just want to ginger things up a bit. In either case, welcome wreaths are adorable options. Hula hoop wreaths that read “Hello” or “Happy Spring” pair nicely with both artificial and real blooms.

Peony Wreath

Peonies thrive in the Springtime, making them perfect garnishes for your wreath. DIY wreath experts recommend pairing the peony with a white or grey wreath so that the vivid pink petals can really pop. Use floral wire to attach the peony to the wreath.

Watch as I create a Summer Flamingo Peony Wreath in the following video tutorial. This peony wreath can easily be modified for Spring.

Hard Working Mom YouTube Channel: Summer Flamingo Peony Wreath

Cupcake Liner Wreath or Coffee Filter Wreath

Now here’s an idea that’ll WOW all your visitors! Much like its name suggests, a cupcake liner wreath is comprised of cupcake liners that form the shape of a wreath. Simply stack the liners accordingly and secure them in place with some glue. Multi-patterned cupcake liners make for an especially captivating wreath.

Check out the Coffee Filter Wreath being made by the Lemon Drop Wreath Shop!

Lemon Drop Wreath Shop Live Video on Facebook: DIY Coffee Filter Wreath

Umbrella Wreath

The prettiest and most perfect parasol idea you’ve ever heard of has to be this umbrella wreath. You’ll want to opt for an umbrella with a curved handle so it can hang from a nail. From there, you can cinch the middle of the parasol with a ribbon to give the look some added dimension and flair.

Rain Boot Wreath

You know those weathered galoshes that sit around in your garage collecting dust? Now you finally have a purpose for them! Rain boot wreaths are both adorable and unique. All you’ll need to do is stuff the innards of the boots with flowers of your choice and nail them into the door.

Peeps Wreath

Nothing says Springtime quite like colorful marshmallow candies. Using a Styrofoam wreath and some toothpicks, merely pin the Peeps to the wreath until it’s reached your desired width. Consider topping it off with a pastel bow to complete the Easter look.

I hope this post inspires you to get crafty with some unconventional wreath-making supplies around the house! Share with me! I’d love to hear from you.

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