DIY Halloween decoration ideas

Easy & Affordable Halloween Decoration Ideas

Creepy Candle Holder


3-4 Plastic skulls

All purpose glue

(2) Planter dishes

Masking tape

Begin by gluing the bottom of the first skull to an upside down planter dish as the base to hold up this decor. Be sure to let one skull dry before adding another and use masking tape to keep them in place until the glue completely dries down. Continue by adding skulls ontop of one another until the desired height. Add a second planter dish on top to hold a candle or a bucket of goodies!

Optional: Use black spray paint to coat the entire piece for a uniform look. 

Specimen Jars


Glass jars

Plastic eyeballs

Colored dish soap

Plastic spiders or other creepy creatures

Use the colored dish soap to fill the jar to the top.

Add in your creepy creatures!

Crawling Spiders


Foam spheres

Black paint

Black pipe cleaners

Start by painting your spheres black. You may need a couple of coats!

Insert black pipe cleaners into the sides of your spider body and bend them to imitate a crawling spider to place on your porch!

Slithery Snake Wreath


Black toy snakes


All purpose glue

Black paint

Start by painting all of the plastic snakes black if they aren’t already. 

Coat the wreath in black paint also. Use glue to attach them to your wreath with them “slithering” in one direction.

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