Easy DIY Easter Basket Idea

In this DIY Easter basket tutorial, I’m going to walk you through how to easily make a basket using materials you already have at home. Then, we’ll talk about a variety of ideas of things you can put in them. These ideas will help you save money and create memories at the same time!

Easy DIY Easter Basket Idea


First, let’s start by taking a look at the materials you will need.


  • Any household container (think of items that can be a basket).
  • Paint, colorful construction paper, or markers.
  • Hanger, shoelace, a piece of rope, etc (this will serve as the handle of the Easter basket).
  • Tape/glue stick
  • Scissors

Search through your house and look for any items that can be substituted for an Easter basket. The best place to look is in your kitchen. Ideas are key at this point since you’ll have to visualize what you can make out of an ordinary household object. Some ideas for a basket are an old yogurt container or even a plastic ice cream tub. 


Since this is going to be the actual Easter basket, it needs to be large enough to hold the eggs or whatever you plan on putting in it. After finding your basket, make two holes on opposite sides.

You need to be able to stick the paper to the basket so find something sticky, adhesive, or gooey like tape, or even a glue stick. If you use tape, make sure it’s good quality because the kids will be running around with their baskets and the designs could come off.

Begin cutting the construction paper into strips. After cutting out the paper strips, use a glue stick to paste the colorful strips onto the bucket. 

Add the final touch by making a handle for the Easter basket. Make sure it is strong to carry all those eggs that are going to be full of candy. Some ideas for a handle are a hanger, shoelace, or rope. 

Then, finish the basket by adding embellishments of your choice. Think Easter-themed stickers, glitter, paint, etc.

Ideas for What to Put in Your Easter Basket

Movie Maniac

For a movie lover, fill a basket with classic DVDs, or DVDs of movies that are their all-time favorites. For someone who loves the theater experience, including gift cards to a local theater. Round out the basket with popcorn and boxes of movie candy.

Outdoors Enthusiast

Spring is a time when people are anxious to get started on their outdoor hobbies again. Fill a basket that will help them in whatever they like to do.

Golfers would love to start the season off with new golf balls, tees, gloves, and a gift certificate to a local course. For someone who has a hiker in their house, they might like a pedometer, sunglasses, hat, granola or energy bars, and a book on local trails.

Gardeners are always anxious to get started in the spring and would welcome a basket filled with new gardening gloves, seeds, a small trowel or rake, and a gift card to a local nursery.

Music Lover’s Basket

Those who love to listen to music are sure to be pleased with a new CD, or a gift card to download some new music. New earbuds and even a new Mp3 player would make a great Easter Basket.

If a special person plays music, pick up some accessories for their instrument. For example, a guitarist can always use new strings, picks, and a neck strap.

Coffee or Tea Lover

Everyone knows someone who always has a mug of something yummy in their hand. Restock their supply with their favorite coffees or teas, and include a new travel mug for when they’re on the go. A gift card to their favorite coffee house would bring a smile too.

A Basket for a Bookworm

Readers love to receive new books, and a little investigating into their bookshelf will help you find their favorite author or genre. Find a meaningful bookmark to go with a new book or gift card to a local bookstore. Round out the basket with a book-light for the late-night reader.

Whether a loved one is a reader, golfer, or gardener, a special basket can be created for any adult with special interests and hobbies. With some thought and love, and a few favorite candy treats, a unique Easter basket can be created for a special adult.

Final Thoughts

Now you have your very own Easter basket and ideas for what to pack in them. These ideas will make for a memorable Easter. Also, don’t hesitate to get your kids involved in making their own baskets or one for someone they love.

Happy Easter!

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