Easy DIY Winter Gnomes

These easy DIY winter gnomes are the perfect craft to try, especially if you’re looking for a unique to decorate your home this season. The ideas rounded up below are easy, inexpensive, and just downright adorable. If you’re a beginner at making gnomes, no worries! There are tutorials that will walk you through creating and designing the gnome (or gnomes) of your choice. Warning: making these gnomes can get pretty addicting so make some space as you may want to create a lot of them! 🙂 

What are gnomes?

Think back to some of those fairy tale books and/or movies you’ve watched as a kid (or with your own kids), and chances are you’ve seen those small mythical creatures that typically hide underground. They’re well-known for their iconic beards, high-pointy hats, and cute little outfits.

Some people cling to the good luck, protection, and playful symbolism of gnomes. They collect them, use them to decorate gardens, or as home decor for a particular season or holiday. In this case, we’ve rounded up the cutest winter-themed gnomes that you can make yourself.

Easy DIY Winter Gnomes

Dollar Tree Mop Gnomes with Lights (The Navage Patch)

From the mop head to the lights, everything you need to make your own lightened mop gnome can be purchased at Dollar Tree. To make your own, pick up a string mop head, a cylinder glass vase, a cone-shaped tinsel tree, and a pack of small ornaments. The other supplies you need you’ll most likely already have on (tape, hot glue, flannel shirt, etc.).

Visit The Navage Patch to see a step-by-step tutorial of how to bring your own mop gnome to life. These will be perfect for added winter decor or as decorations for a holiday party.

Mason Jar Winter Gnomes (Dappled Skies and DIYs)

Mason jars, thick white yarn, small wood beads, and quarter fabric turn into super cute mason jar winter gnomes. This gnome style is super versatile and allows you the flexibility to paint and decorate the jar according to your color theme preference.

Dapple Skies & DIYs went with a farmhouse style by painting the jars a soft pastel grey along with white yarn, beads, as well as a soft grey quarter fabric piece. These are super easy to make!

Winter Farmouse Gnomes with Skis (Ruffles & Rain Boots)

Made with large grey socks, fiber filling, winter hat ornaments, faux fur, and a few other supplies, these winter gnomes will match your farmhouse theme just perfectly. They are also easy to make and come with an extra outfit perk – skis!

The totally of this project is only $10 and takes less than 20 minutes. Go ahead a make a few extras to consider giving as gifts!

Girl Sock Gnomes (A Well-Purposed Woman)

You’ve seen boy gnomes, but what about the girls?! A Well-Purposed Woman walks you through how to create super cute and super easy girl gnomes made from socks, an old sweater, and chunky braided yarn. They are easy to assemble and you’re given a free pattern to help. Make one for each girl in your family to have an entire tribe. 

Dollar Tree Grinch Gnome (Ruffles & Rain Boots)

Anytime you see the grinch, you know the holiday season is in full swing. Consider making this versatile grinch gnome. It can be used as a table centerpiece or turned into a Christmas tree ornament. The best thing about this gnome craft project is you don’t have to sew anything. All it takes are scissors and hot glue! Not to mention, everything you need can be purchased at Dollar Tree.

Wood Plank Winter Gnomes (Nerdy Craft Girl)

Take your gnome-making skills to the next level by making a few wood plank gnomes. The concept is still the same; however, the wood plank itself is the body so all you need to do is paint it. Then, attach faux fur that can be found at Michael’s. Afterward, apply a large wood bead (or ball) for the nose. Finish it off with a plaid or buffalo check hat made of fabric or an old sweater.

Final Thoughts

These easy DIY winter gnomes are sure to help decorate your home (or any space) in a unique crafty way. These projects are perfect for your kids to join in or do them with a group of your craft friends. Which one are you most excited about trying first?

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