Etsy- What You Need To Know

Though setting up an Etsy shop is fairly easy, there are a few things you need to consider before opening up shop!

Overhead Costs

When you sell an item you get paid for the item as well as the shipping for that item. What people don’t realize is that you then get billed for the shipping.

Running an Etsy shop isn’t expensive, but here is a breakdown of the bill. 

  • 20 cents to list an item.
  • A percentage for customer payment processing whether you use Stripe, Paypal, Square or Shopify.


A shop banner will be the face of your business! It’s important that when creating a banner to display that it is simple and clearly states what you sell. We recommend using Canva! Try these Canva tips here.


Etsy comes with a starter policy for your business but it’s vital for your policies to reflect the way you wish to run your business. Return policy and turnaround time are must-haves!

Item Photos

Professional-looking photos can make or break your business. When possible take photos of your items in natural light or outdoors to make them look as close to the actual product as you can. If your items are dark and unclear, your potential customer may go to another shop. Editing your photos may do the trick!

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