Fall Bulletin Board Decor Ideas

Fall Bulletin Board Decor Ideas

Take the guesswork out of the how to decorate your classroom with these fall bulletin board decor ideas. They will help you add a classic fall touch that is student-friendly and will leave room for your own creative touch.

Where to Get Supplies for Decorating a Bulletin Board

The Dollar Tree and Dollar Store are two places that increasingly grow in their school stash. Toward the middle of summer, you can find some amazing supplies that can be used to decorate your fall-themed bulletin board. Grab packs of construction paper, fall-themed paper cutouts, sticker letters, wood cutouts, and more. 

Craft stores and online retailers like Amazon, Oriental Trading, and Discount School Supplies are also places that will have all you need for reasonable prices. In some cases, you can buy from these places in bulk or do a co-op style buy with other teachers.

Fall Bulletin Board Decor Ideas

All Things Pumpkins

The ideas below include all things pumpkins. In most cases, all you’ll need are pumpkin cutouts, pictures of pumpkins, or hand-drawn pumpkins from your students:

  • Welcome to Our Pumpkin Patch: combines the best of a fall tree with falling leaves and a patch of pumpkins with student’s names written on them. (Bored Teachers)
  • Cutest Pumpkins in the Patch: for this idea, you’ll create a variety of cool looking pumpkins and use a bold font for each student’s name. (My CalCas) 
  • Who’s Hiding in the Pumpkin Patch: this bulletin board idea uses peek-a-boo style pumpkins with a flap that lift and reveals a student’s name. (My CalCas)
  • Welcome to Our Patch: using orange paper bags, brown bags, and green leaf cutouts, this decor idea is a 3-D style that has the pumpkins “jumping out” of the patch. (Print Designs by Kris)

All Things Acorns

Acorns are often used to signify falltime and you can’t go wrong by using them to decorate your bulletin board. Here are a few ideas to consider for using these classic treenuts:

  • We’re Nuts About Reading: gear your bulletin board towards fall and the love of a particular subject with this acorn flipbook idea. (Teaching Fourth)
  • We’re Nuts About Fall: this bulletin board idea incorporates colorful acorns and student’s favorite thing(s) about fall. (Kindergarten Korner)
  • Shades of Meaning: this teacher used paint card samples with acorn tops and showcased different meaning of words – a double decor idea for fall and language arts learning. (Around the Kampfire)

All Things Leaves

Leaves – especially colorful falling leaves – will always be one of the biggest highlights and indicators that fall is in the air. The bulletin board ideas below show a variety of ways leaves can used:

  • Look Who’s Hiding in the Leaves: the perfect way to show off your students by hiding them in a pile of colorful leaves. This works perfectly for the bulletin board or your classroom door. (Chaylor and Mads)
  • Happy Fall Y’all: a simple, but cute, way to decorate using a tree with colorful leaves falling down. An optional addition would be to include your student’s names on the leaves. (We Are Teachers)
  • Jumping for Fall: another unique way to show real pictures of your students, except this time they will be jumping in a pile of leaves. (But What Will I Wear)

Other Fall-Themed Bulletin Board Ideas

The ideas above are certainly inspirational and a great way to decorate your classroom bulletin board. If you’re looking for other unique ideas, use some these topics and titles to get you started:

  • Gnomes (Learning with my Gnomies)
  • Scarecrow (We’ve Got Lots to Crow About)
  • Haunted House (We’re a Spooky Bunch)
  • S’mores & Campfire (Back for S’more Learning)
  • Corn (We’re Poppin’ Into Learning or We’re the Cream of the Crop)
  • Football Field with T-Shirts (Check Out Our Lineup)
  • Apples (Best Apples in the Bunch)

Final Thoughts

These fall bulletin board decor ideas are just a few ways to decorate your classroom in style. Not only are they unique but they are also fun to put together. If your students are old enough, solicit their help in putting your board together. Also, use some of their own artwork as part of the decorations. How are you going to decorate your classroom bulletin board? Let us know in the comments below!

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