Homemade Mother’s Day Gift Basket Ideas

I’ve rounded up some of the best homemade Mother’s Day gift basket ideas to help you put together something your mom (or grandma) will love. Each of these ideas helps cater to the different hobbies out there and you are sure to find something your mom will enjoy. The best part is these gifts are easy to put together with supplies and things that can be found at the Dollar Store or other inexpensive places. Be sure to bookmark and pin this post so you can easily come back to it.

Homemade Mother’s Day Gift Basket Ideas

Homemade Mother’s Day Gift Basket Idea

Get ready to be inspired to make a super cute Mother’s Day gift basket.

The Gardening Gift Basket

If your mom enjoys all things gardening then you can’t go wrong by putting together a basket of things she can use for her garden. A few things she’d enjoy are a cushioned mat for her knees, a few packets of seeds, some gardening sheers, a mini shovel, and a trowel. You could also throw in an apron to help keep her clothes clean when she’s out weeding and planting.

A Gift Basket Spa

What mom wouldn’t enjoy a basket filled with things she could use to pamper herself? From head to toe, this gift basket can be filled with her favorite shampoo and conditioner, nail polish, a nail trimming kit, good smelling lotion, and topped off with a towel. Spa gift baskets are really easy to put together. In addition to the items, you can also include a gift card to a local spa for a massage.

Farmhouse Brunch Gift Basket

This basket would be filled with all things brunch related. You could do a variety of things from homemade jams or jellies and bread to eggs, honey, orange juice, and her favorite pastry. Depending on what she likes (being a cook or being cooked for), include items that will put together a well-rounded brunch for her and the family.

Rock Painting Kit Gift Basket

This basket is the perfect idea for the artsy and craftsy mom. All you need are some rocks, acrylic paints, paint brushes, and a sealing spray. She’ll know exactly what to do once she sees the items in the basket.

Wine and Chocolate Gift Basket

Gift the mom in your life with a basket filled with wine and chocolate. These two have always accompanied each other well and are always attributed to a nice and relaxing evening. In addition to the wine and chocolate, you can also include one of her favorite movies to enjoy while she sips on wine and snacks on the chocolate.

The Movie Lover Gift Basket

Are there movies the mom in your life would love to have on-demand? Consider purchasing them along with bags of popcorn, a popcorn box, drinks, and snack foods. In other words, you would be bringing the movie theater to her this Mother’s Day.

Tropical Gift Basket

Bring the beach and all its vibes to the mom in your life with this gift basket idea. All you need is a gift basket and all things beach and tropical related. Think dried pineapples, passion fruit candies, a beach smelling candle, soap, sand, and seashells. She’s sure to love this gift basket idea.

Gift Cards Galor Gift Basket

This gift basket is exactly what the title suggests. Grab a basket and fill it with nothing but gift cards to all of her favorite places. Think restaurants, shopping, a spa day, and more. Of course, she may not use these all at once but she will have lots of ideas that can be used over time.

A Baker’s Gift Basket

If the mom in your life enjoys baking, you can’t go wrong with giving her a gift basket filled with baking supplies and even a recipe that she could put to use. Some of the best recipes are ones that would have her whip up a yummy batch of cookies or something that can be made and enjoyed for dinner.

Final Thoughts

Figuring out what to get the mom in your life for Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be stressful. The idea to give her a gift basket is both genius and a low-maintenance way to give her things that’s she’ll actually use and love. What are some other gift basket ideas you have?

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