Hot Chocolate Recipes to Keep Warm this Winter

As the cooler temperatures set in, check out these hot chocolate recipes to keep warm this winter. If you’ve been used to the traditional taste of hot chocolate, get ready to be inspired to put a twist on a classic beverage that’s sure to wow your family and friends.

Hot Chocolate Recipes to Keep Warm this Winter

Whether you’re wanting a warm beverage to fight off the winter chill or ideas for an upcoming party, these are suggestions are just as easy to make as they are yummy. 

S’Mores Whipped Hot Cocoa (To Simply Inspire)

A whipped blend of whipped cream, cocoa powder, and marshmallow creme all topped with crushed graham cracker crumbs is how you make this tasty cocoa drink. Thanks to Tik Tok, this trending whipped beverage is quickly climbing the charts and is super versatile.

Serve it in a glass that has been quirted with chocolate syrup and top it with mini chocolate chips. Or, add more chocolate drizzle on top with other topping options.

French Hot Chocolate (The Sweet Savory Life)

Also known as Chocolat Chaud, French hot chocolate isn’t like your normal runny beverage. Instead, it’s more like a chocolate fondue or ganache. It’s also super easy to make as all the ingredients are simply melted together. This hot chocolate is typically served in a glass topped with whipped cream. 

Gingerbread Hot Chocolate (A Couple Cooks)

Born from a hot chocolate project with their nephews, A Couple Cooks were trying a variety of flavors in a batch of hot chocolate. After trying peppermint extract, orange blossom water, and cardamom, they landed on a combination that tasted like gingerbread – cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg. 

Grinch Hot Chocolate AKA Mint Hot Chocolate (The Thrifty Couple)

This green hot chocolate is the perfect beverage to have at your next holiday party or Grinch-themed gathering. Green food coloring and mint chocolate chips are used to reach the desired level of color and minty freshness.

Creamy White Hot Chocolate with a Hint of Pink (Savory Experiments)

A helping of white chocolate is melted with milk to make this creamy white hot chocolate. Adding some peppermint whipped cream and a candy can will start to turn the drink a slight pink, which is pretty appealing to the eye.

Peppermint Spiked Hot Chocolate (The Crumby Kitchen)

Now this one is for adults. You can easily make a kid version by leaving out the alcohol; however, it’s the peppermint schnapps that helps create the peppermint flavor. To make it kid-friendly, exchange the vodka and schnapps for chocolate mints and/or candy canes.

Cookies and Cream Hot Chocolate (Sprinkle Some Sugar)

Once you have the cream (the hot chocolate), all you need are the cookies. In this recipe, the cookies used are Oreos, which not only makes the beverage taste yummy but it looks good too. You’ll blend cookies into the hot chocolate as well as use some for garnishing the top.

Unicorn Hot Chocolate (Cookies and Cups)

If you have daughters, this is just the drink to have them make. In fact, have them invite their friends over as well because these unicorn hot chocolate drinks are worth sharing. Imagine all the colors of a unicorn put into one glass. Pink food coloring, pastel sprinkles, colored marshmallows, and blue icing brings all the unicorn flavors alive!

Red Velvet Hot Chocolate (Tidy Mom)

Whip up a pot of this creamy red and tasty beverage if you’re looking for a little twist from the traditional look of regular hot chocolate. With this combo, not only is it the red color that makes it pop but also the flavors of cream cheese, vanilla extract, and semi-sweet chocolate chips. Serve it in your favorite holiday mug and top it with a dollop of cream cheese whipped cream.

Final Thoughts

Aren’t these hot chocolate recipes delicious sounding? I’ve never considered so many different way to make it and now I can’t wait to give all of these recipes a try! Which ones are you most excited about trying? Do you add a special twist to your hot chocolate recipes? Share your recipe with us in the comments below!

These are the perfect drinks to start a new hot chocolate tradition with your family!

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