How To Choose Colors When Creating A Wreath

When choosing ribbon and mesh for my wreaths I try to make sure the colors blend and coordinate well. One of my favorite ways to do this is to use a color wheel like this one!

Color Relationships

When choosing colors that connect in some way they are called color relationships.

A few color relationships I like to use are monochrome, tetrad, and random colors that don’t technically follow the color wheel but use colors and patterns that blend well.

Let’s chat more about the different types of color relationships.


Monochrome is using one color in different shades. The shades usually form a gradient from light to dark and this is by far my favorite color relationship. The colors may differ in shades but you will rarely catch my wreaths without patterns of some sort!

Random Colors

We all know I like to use burlap! As you know burlap is not on the color wheel but I like to pair it with colorful patterns. These colors may not follow a certain pattern on the wheel but they still connect in some way!


Tetrad color relationships are formed using every 3rd color. In all, you will have four colors. This method is my favorite when choosing colors for Easter or Springtime. Blues, Pinks, Greens, and Oranges are beautiful. Even the muted versions, pastels, are considered a tetrad color relationship. 

These are just my favorite color relationships, but to check out other color relationships that you can use for wreaths, visit this blog for more ideas.

If you need help creating wreaths with colors that blend beautifully grab a color wheel! You will be glad you did!

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