How To Hang a Wreath Differently?

White Cup of Coffee in the Middle of Yellow and Green Flower Wreath

A wreath around a cup of tea

If you want to hand a wreath, a small hook or a simple nail planted in its wooden door is ideal for hanging the wreath and showcasing it well. On the other hand, if the door is made of aluminum or if the idea of driving a nail in our wooden door gives us hives, some hooks are installed on top of it. You can also use a hook on the inside of the door, install a lovely ribbon, and pass it over the door to the outside. We then fix its decoration on it. You can simply hang the wreath, but it is important to change the type of wreath.

Break Tradition with A Square Wreath

Who says all Christmas wreaths have to be standard round? Bypass the bounds of tradition when you show off these bold square wreath artificial needles and pine cones. It is perfect for hanging over your mantel or in a holiday-themed decorative vignette, and the intricate boughs give this wreath a unique look that begs for a second look. Due to its delicate construction and silky materials, the manufacturer recommends that you save this beauty for indoor use only. But you can easily create a decoration that will look great in your home all year round by adding decorations to the square frame formed by the crown or by slipping a photo and a personalized message into the frame.

Wreath Of Herbs

It is a great idea to nourish the wreath with seasonal flavors. Once you start hanging a wreath inside or outside your kitchen, you feel a lot different. If pleasant spices hang around it, you can bring the aroma. It is an unusual way to organize your home with the help of good herbs as they improve your senses and bring health to your house. 

Kitchen Wreath

You can also have a specific kitchen wreath. Spruce, pine cones, holly sprigs, and mistletoe follow the tradition, but you can also let your imagination run wild by creating a wreath to your liking.

Paper Laurel Wreath

Irrespective of naturally available wreaths, you can also have artificial paper wreaths. What is the symbol of a laurel wreath? Laurel wreaths in ancient Rome were used under the Republic and the Roman Empire as an honorary award given to a winner. It was made up of two branches of laurel. It was placed on his head as a symbol of glory when his soldiers acclaimed him as an imperator. If you are interested in the history of ancient Rome or want to give an ancient touch to the décor of your house, you can pick a paper laurel wreath.

What branch makes the crown? We first chose spruce branches, laurel, holly, mistletoe, pine cones, and colored ribbon to create it. But now, wreaths are made to our liking, with eucalyptus twigs, olive trees, pieces of fabric. You can have one online to help you decorate your home.

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