How to Host a Winter Party on a Budget

If you’re looking to host a gathering this winter, here are several fun winter-theme party ideas to consider. Whether you’re hosting something for the kiddos, adults, or the entire family, these ideas are sure to help you pull off the best winter-themed party yet.

How to Host a Winter Party on a Budget

Before diving into the party ideas, let’s first talk about how to save you some money in the process. Hosting a party can get pretty expensive so if you’re looking to save a dollar or two, be sure to take our tried and true advice.

Choose a theme.

In this case, the theme of your party would be something that involves the winter season. There are many themes to choose from (see the party ideas below) so it’s a good idea to pick something before starting to plan everything else for your party.

Decide on a budget.

You could actually do this first, but if not, do it second. Having a budget will help you shop smart and shop within your means. With the growing party sections at Dollar Tree and Hobby Lobby sales, you’ll be able to decorate your party just how you want it.

Solicit some help.

This is another tip you don’t want to wait until the last minute with. Grab a few people who can help you from the beginning. Ask if they’re able to contribute and what. They may be able to help with decorations, food, activities, and the like. Don’t hesitate to ask. This will keep you from being stressed out.

Make a party plan.

This doesn’t have to be elaborate, but you’ll at least want to have a timeline of what needs to be done and when in order to pull off a winter party without being overwhelmed. Start by choosing your party date and working backward. Give yourself ample time for each task that needs to be completed. And again, ask for help!

Fun Winter Theme Party Ideas

Now that you know how to pull off the perfect winter party, let’s look at a few party theme ideas. These themes are easy to decorate for on a budget!

Cocoa Bar Party

Hosting a cocoa bar-themed party is one of the easiest routes to take as the bar itself doubles as decor and as a food/beverage station for the guests. Cocoa and hot chocolate are also wintertime beverage staples that will give your guests something to do while listening to holiday music and enjoying the company of others.

While you could certainly go for the colors of the season, you could also go bold with using black and white as the color palette. Build from that by having snowball-like cups, colorful finger foods, and plenty of drink-building options.

Winter Craft Party

This is perfect if you have lots of craft buddies. Not much decorating is needed for this party as well. Instead, focus your efforts on the craft you would choose for everyone to do. One route to go is to choose a winter-themed door hanger kit like this Warm Winter Welcome kit. Have your guests bring their craft paints and accessories and you can provide the door kit.

Another idea is to have everyone bring their own craft to work on. Provide finger foods, beverages, and the workspace and you’re all set!

Gift Wrapping & Christmas Card Party

A party like this is as productive as it gets. Invite your girlfriends over to get some gift wrapping done and cards written (and addressed) all while watching your favorite Hallmark Christmas movie, listening to your favorite holiday tunes, and/or enjoying an adult beverage or two.

This type of party is another one that doesn’t need much decorating as guests can bring their own wrapping paper, Christmas cards, etc. You could still provide paper, bows, tape, and other embellishments, which could double as decor too.

Christmas Movie Party

Is there a certain movie you and your family (and friends) enjoy watching during the holiday season? Consider building a winter party around it. Anything from The Grinch Who Stole Christmas to Home Alone, you can use your favorite movie to inspire decorations, food, beverages, and games.

One quick Google search, and you’ll be able to find movie ideas, printable options for games, and even movie-inspired recipes.

Game Night Party

Gather up some winter-themed games that can be played and get ready for an evening full of fun. A few winter games to play are holding the ice cube, pinning the ornament on the tree, or how many words can you make with the word winter (or choosing another word). Don’t forget the winter-themed snacks and beverages too!

Final Thoughts

These fun winter-theme party ideas are a just a few to help get your creative juices flowing. They are easy, low-maintenance, and don’t cost much to pull off. Remember to keep our party planning tips in mind for a fun-filled, stress-free winter theme party!

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