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How to Make a Double Poof Halloween Wreath

The holiday season is in full swing, and Halloween is just around the corner. For many people, this means one thing:  witches! And with everything from cauldrons to broomsticks appearing on front porches, it’s no surprise that wreaths are making an appearance too. 

The following tutorial will show you how to make a double poof Halloween wreath using craft foam sheets and some other inexpensive materials. The best part? This project is so easy your kids can help out too. 

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METHOD  Woodland Ruffle

Supplies Trendy Tree- https://bit.ly/350JHZO


•Method  Double Poof

Ribbons cut -13 in

Mesh cut – 


​Most supplies can be found at Trendy Tree

Sign https://hardworkingmomstore.com/colle…

Supplies Trendy Tree- https://bit.ly/350JHZO

15in Purple work wreath

21 in Basic Orange  deco mesh

10in Black, Green, Orange, and purple jute deco mesh


2.5 in Orange Canvas ribbon

2.5 in Purple canvas ribbon

1.5in Orange, red and black plaid ribbon

1.5in Purple Orange and black spider ribbon

Helpful Tips: 

Before getting started make sure that you are using a tensile tie wreath frame or also know as a work wreath frame it will help hold the mesh to the frame better than pipe cleaners will. 

Make sure you are using a wired ribbon. 

Mesh roller will help keep the mesh from getting tangled and tied up you can get yours here using my affiliate link. I do get a small commission from this but it’s enough to buy a pack of gum without an additional charge to you. 

Please check out my shop for supplies if you cannot find what you are looking for check out TrendyTree. 


Step one: Will be to open up all your ties and prep your work frame. After your frame is open using your mesh roller line up your mesh you will keep them both lined up so they act like one mesh. Then you will take it to the base and attach it with a zip tie in front of one of the outer ties. 

You will then start your poofs I pull one, two, three, and that creates my poof, and the reason it’s the double poof is that the two mesh stacked. After you do the first you will continue with the rest of the outer frame and then move to the inside. Don’t forget to go back and fluff out your poofs as you work.

Step 2: 

Adding our ribbons. I like to cut my ribbons around 13” when doing poofs so that way the ribbons will stack on top of the poof. I like to pair my ribbons with 2.5” and then a 1.5” inch ribbon and do my dovetail. The first step to adding ribbons is to stack them on top of each other and then fold them in half and with that middle crease, you will pinch the ribbon together making a bird. 

Then you will take the ribbons and place them in the ties. I do not undo the ties from the poofs, I just add these ribbons’ tails on top of the ties and twist one or two times. I also like to pull one ribbon going one direction and the other going the other way. I will continue this alternating the 4 different ribbons all around the wreath frame. 

Step 3:

Making the Bow you can use whichever bow maker you choose. I love my EZ bow maker. You can find it here! For this bow, I am using mesh ribbon & my deco tubing. I will start this bow out the same as others with a tail and pinching and placing into the bow maker the desired loop length.  For this wreath, I will do 6” inch loops. This bow does not need to be perfect since it will be the back of the bow, this ribbon can be hard to use because of the curls but once you get started it should loosen up a bit and be easier to work with. 

Its 2.5” deco ribbon can find this in 4” inches as well. I like to use it in the back of my bows. The curly part of it helps make it stand up & I like the way it looks. Now we will go back and add our ribbon to the bow as well. If you are struggling with your bows find the video located at the bottom and you can follow along (27:20). I will continue to layer my bow by adding ribbons & my tubing. 

Don’t forget your zip ties for this bow! After we have done our bow I will fluff it out & attach it to the wreath on the frame. To attach you can use wire or pipe cleaner & zip ties.  Because this bow is so large we will need to make something to hold it into the center of the wreath. What I do is take two pipe cleaners and twist them to make two long ones so 4 pipe cleaners in total. Pull back the mesh and tie this onto the frame after you have your X or cross shape. Then you will attach the bow to the pipe cleaner in the center.

Step 4 

Adding the sign first thing we do for the signs from Hard Working Mom Store is poke holes in the corners you will need a metal hole punch for this we have one in our shop here. I like to use wire to attach my signs. I usually use about 20” inches long you can trim down after you have attached it to the frame. I stick the wire into the sign first and twist the wire around the corner of the sign. I do this on all 4 corners. Then I will take my plastic threading needle and weave it into the mesh and attach my sign to the frame and cut off any extra wire. 

Step 5 

Add any embellishments or attachments & shake test! Then when everything is finished you will have a beautiful Halloween Wreath! Follow me on YouTube for more tips & if you want to go your creative business make sure you check out my success path group & design group. 

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