How To Make A Grinch Christmas Wreath

Supplies needed:


First things first, I went online and found a Grinch face printable which we will use later.

Start by laying your wreath form right side up on top of the plastic canvas and trace the inner circle of the wreath onto the canvas. Cut out. Position the green mesh with the part that wants to curl facing upwards. Flip your wreath form upside down and run a piece of mesh under row 3 as to hold it. Make sure you pull your mesh through so that they are even on top. Secure the edge of this piece to keep in place but give the zip tie some room so the mesh does not rip.

Next, pull through the mesh within that section until it gets harder to pull more. Once you’re ready to start in the next section pull through the mesh on row 3 and start again.

Tip: If you can still see your wire you are not filling the section full enough.

Take your edge of the last piece and tie it off with a zip tie! For the grinch face, place the plastic canvas inside your wreath and zip tie in place on all sides. Now let’s begin our inner layer of mesh. This layer of mesh you will place on row number 2 and repeat the method as the last row of mesh. Again, if you can see the wire frame pull more mesh through in that section.

For the inner portion of my wreath, I’m going to use a ruffle method.I cut the remainder of my green mesh into 20 in sections. Place your mesh with the curl facing down and use your thumbs to scrunch the mesh into a bow tie form. Use your pipe cleaners to hold in place. Be sure to leave some of the pipe cleaner free so we can tie to our base.

Now that all of your ruffles are made,(I made 18) place them on the inside edge of the wreath and tie to the plastic canvas AND frame. Place about every inch or so around the frame. Create an imaginary row in the very center and place these ruffles every 2-3 in apart.

To create the Grinch face, take the printable and place on top of the black foam sheet. Use an Exacto knife to cut out the pieces you want to be black. Do the same with the yellow foam sheet. Use a hot glue gun to adhere the facial pieces to your wreath.

If you wish to add a Santa hat to your wreath, take your Exacto knife and make holes in both sides of the base of the hat and attach them to the mesh of the wreath. You may even place a zip tie at the back for extra hold.

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