DIY Winter/Christmas Garden Planters

How to Make Winter Garden Planters

Don’t put your garden into hibernation for Winter! Your planted creations can be set on your porch for added Christmas decor or even placed sporadically along your walk way!

Follow these steps to create beautiful garden planters for your plants.


  1. The first step on how to make Winter garden planters is to decide if you want to use living plants or a combination of living and decorative materials like twigs, berries, and branches. If you will be using living plants, plant them into pots now. Some popular evergreen plants to use in your planters are Yucca, Thymes, Sages and Creepy Jenny!
  1. Choose a planter! We love to use galvonized troughs, wooden buckets and window boxes to create different styles.
  1. After choosing your plant’s new temporary holding place, use a planting mix to fill them. Potting soil is not dense enough to hold twigs and branches in place for extended periods of time.
  1. Decorative materials are great to add texture or a little holiday cheer! Some of our favorite natural materials are Birch branches, Eucalyptus, seed pods or cones and curly willow twigs! Try incorporating a little sparkle or pops of red during December!
  1. Don’t forget to water your living plants if your area doesn’t receive enough rain during the Winter months.

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