Step By Step Guide: How To Take Care Of Your Artificial Outdoor Wreath

Whenever you go to someone’s house and take a glance at a beautiful wreath hung on the front door, doesn’t it warm your heart? A wreath is meant to be a welcoming ornament that enhances the curb appeal of your house and thus needs to be protected from external forces. You may find this challenging as keeping the greenery vibrant and as good as new without decay sounds like a long shot, doesn’t it? 

However, what if present you with a number of tips and tricks that can help keep add life to your wreaths, garlands, and other fresh-cut floral decorations over a sustained period of time?

We’ve combed through some of the most valuable wreath care tips which shall help you preserve the quality of your wreath over time. 

Together, let’s go through the steps you’ve to undertake to ensure your artificial outdoor wreath is fresh and clean, even in harsh weather conditions so you can enjoy them longer than your expectations. 

The perfect guide to keep your wreaths fresh without them wilting or drying out:

  • Avoid keeping your wreaths in a place where they come in direct contact with the sunlight. Too much exposure to the sun can ruin the materials of the wreath. In order to protect it from the sun.
  • Debris and other dusty particles may get accumulated on the wreath. Use a hairdryer on a cool temperature to them off. 
  • While we may thoroughly enjoy the rainy season, it’s not the best for wreaths, to help the glitter stay use hairspray.
  • Under extreme and severe weather conditions like a sandstorm or heavy rainfall, it is advisable that you bring your wreath indoors. This may come off as a rather obvious piece of advice, but oftentimes one forgets to actually implement it. 
  • Make your coat hanger resourceful for one another purpose: storing your wreath until next use. You can simply choose to hang your wreath on a coat hanger or put it safely in a cupboard where you can store it until the next time you want to beautify your space with it. This saves you from the hassle of collecting them in big boxes and plastic bags.  
  • Over time some materials may become loose and start hanging from the wreath. This usually occurs when the scorching heat melts the hot glue, causing some of the decoration to fall off. You can use a floral wire to reattach them. This will help you fix two problems: first one being the melting of glue and the second one being the wreath looking scanty. 
  • You can either choose to spray the wreath with a fragrant re-freshener spray or attach a potpourri packet at the back of the door, so each time someone passes, they are mesmerized with the scent that fills the air. 
  • Use a miniature faux owl or snake to hide somewhere inside the wreath’s moss or greenery. This is a great life hack that helps keep the birds from building a nest in your door wreath. 
  • The entire visual appeal of the door wreath gets spoilt if you spot a trail of insects on or near it. Before hanging the wreath on the front door, remember to spray it with an ant/roach repellent.

Concluding Words

We’ve listed all the insightful ways to protect your wreath against inclement weather conditions; hopefully, they’ll help retain the original freshness and form of the wreath in the long run. Do let us know if you found any tip to be particularly useful! 

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