Learning The Art Of Wreath Making At Home

It is amazing just how wreaths are becoming more common. There was a time when wreaths were for special occasions, events, and festivals only. This is no longer the case as we see wreaths around literally for no reason at all. However, mounting wreaths in and out of your home, shop, office, and event venue makes sense. Wreaths are special, even in their simplest form. 

Wreaths go well with just about anything around us. Know that wreath making is by no means difficult, but it requires you to stay focused on the basics. You can make wreaths at home and hang them at your workplace or home just the way you like. Here is how to do it:

Pick Your Shape

Since we are discussing artificial wreaths, it is time to know the basics. An artificial wreath should look at least as catchy as a natural one. Though it might not have its fragrance, you can add the fragrance of your choice. As for picking materials to use in your wreath, bring a collection of materials that will help you prepare the wreath. Which shape do you like the most? Should it be Styrofoam be the material you used in your wreaths? Why not? It is durable, lightweight, and is soft. Though it has a mass, it is light enough for users to cover with yarn, fabric, or other material. 

White Or Colored Styrofoam

You can go for white, or you can pick colored Styrofoam. The benefit of using green Styrofoam is that you can make leaves out, and still, it will look natural. In case you have other ideas, you can always go for other designs for your wreaths. Prepare a tire shape wreath in blue color and add different themes to it. This wreath has no florals and leaves on it, but you can still put designs on it. Put tiny shapes on the wreath to make it more attractive. 

Making Artificial Flowers For Wreath

In the absence of natural flowers, we will prepare artificial ones. It shouldn’t take much of your time knowing that you have the materials available. To give your wreath a great look, take pieces of chipboard and give them a pinecone shape. Put chips one over another in a proper order to give them a pinecone shape. Put two or more pinecones on each wreath and ensure that each cone is in a different color. 

After putting cones, bring colorful ribbons and place them strategically. Avoid putting the ribbons randomly as they may not look as attractive. Use ribbons in different colors. These will give your wreath a decent color and make it look fabulous. 

Finally, the wreath is ready. It is colorful and looks different. The best part is that the wreath looks attractive and interactive, unlike traditional wreaths. The theme of these wreaths is different as it goes well with colors and chipboard pinecones. 

Use your imagination to come up with unique wreath-making ideas every time. Find more ideas and inspiration on my youtube channel #hardworkingmom

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