15 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

If you are looking for some Mother’s Day gift ideas, this post has you covered. Most moms don’t want a vacuum or blender so skip those and instead go with something heartfelt and personal. Remember, it’s not about how much you spend but the thought that goes into it. Really! A meaningful gift that shows you spent time and energy to choose something special is best. 

15 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Classic Gifts

There are some easy go-to gift ideas that work for most moms. Of course, these are always better if you can add your own personal touch. In addition, they typically will not cost much money.

  • A gift certificate to a spa or nail salon to be pampered.
  • A meal or meals cooked or delivered.
  • House cleaning service. 
  • A new book or magazine, or a gift card to pick out her own.
  • Gift certificate to her favorite store.
  • Something handmade by the kids.
  • A meaningful card with a handwritten message.

Brunch Board

This is a cute gift and would be even better if presented after letting mom sleep in as late as she’d like. Make her favorite breakfast and bring it to her in bed. Prepare her the night before by letting her know to sleep in and call or message when she’s hungry. Fill this tray with goodies either homemade or pick them up from her favorite restaurant. 

10 Reasons I love you Mom

A small and meaningful gift would be a great idea for the other parent or grandparents to help younger kids create for their mom. Have the kids come up with the reasons why they love mom and order this. It’s small and perfect to keep on hand for those hard days when a pick-me-up is just what’s needed. 

Actual Handwritten Keychains 

There’s something very special about handwritten momentos and this is the best of both worlds; handwriting that won’t disappear as easily as a note on paper. Whether it’s a child that is writing a message to mom or preserving the writing of her own mother, this keychain is sure to be a treasured memory. It’s genuinely a precious gift that can go with her wherever she goes!

Mama Pajama Gift Set 

You can never have enough pajamas! This cozy set of pajamas, coffee mug and pen comes in three different colors and is already packaged. No need to fuss with that part! It’s a cute option for a new mom or simply a mom that loves to lounge. Top it off with a super cute gift bag.

Gift an Experience

For the mom that has everything or the mom who values experiences above anything else, gift her one! Tinggly is a great way to choose an experience or give her a gift to let her choose her own experience. Pack up and Go is another good option if you’re able to spend a bit more. What’s better than a trip to make memories with her?

Auntie Shirt 

Mother’s Day is a great time to celebrate the other women in our children’s lives like a special auntie! This shirt would be a special surprise for that someone!

Garden of Love Personalized Garden Stone

These personalized stones would make the perfect gift for the grandma in your children’s lives. Not to mention, it doubles as a precious gift and garden decor. This is something that will last far beyond Mother’s Day and serve as a daily reminder of how special the woman who receives this is to her grandchildren.

Home is Where My Mom Is Coffee Mug

This coffee mug would make the best gift for the coffee-loving mom in your life. She’ll be reminded of what you mean to her every time she takes a sip of coffee (or tea). Make this a cute bundle by adding her favorite bag of coffee.

Final Thoughts

These are just a few gift ideas that are sure to wow the moms in your life. Above all else, remember to let your mom, or the mother of your children know how much you love and value her today – and every day! What do you plan on getting the mothers in your life this Mother’s Day? Share your ideas in the comments below!

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