Super Easy DIY Thanksgiving Decor Ideas

If you’ve been looking for super easy DIY Thanksgiving decor ideas, I’ve got you covered with some ideas that are sure to inspire you this fall season. Not only are they inexpensive to try but they’re also practical to put together. Don’t forget to bookmark this post and save it to your fall decor Pinterest board!

Super Easy DIY Thanksgiving Decor Ideas

1. Use natural elements that can be found in your front/back yard.

Once the leaves start changing colors, they can be used to create a variety of home decor items like these mason jar luminaries. If the leaves in your area haven’t quite changed but you’re ready to decorate, you can always pick up a pack of artificial leaves from the Dollar Store.

Have a plethora of pine cones lying around? Consider making a pine cone garland that can easily and quickly decorate a mantel, dining room table, or front porch. In addition to pine cones, sticks are another natural element that you can find plenty of outside. Gather a handful, break them to roughly the same size and hot glue them to the outside of a glass jar. 

Place a candle on the inside and add twine or tied ribbon for extra embellishment. Now you have glass jar stick luminaries that are sure to wow your Thanksgiving guests.

2. Transform pumpkins into unique centerpieces.

Medium to large sized pumpkins make great vases that can showcase beautiful fall foliage, mums, and more. Whether you use a real or fake pumpkin, it’s super easy to empty the inside, place a glass jar inside, and fill it with fall flowers of your choice. Here’s a unique way to create a pumpkin succulent harvest decoration.

If you’re short on space on your Thanksgiving table, consider creating a simple and elegant pumpkin stack using just a few Dollar Store pumpkins and supplies. Pumpkin luminaries are becoming a growing Thanksgiving decor trend, and rightfully so. All you need are small pumpkins, candlesticks, and a few flowers. 

3. Make an easy Thanksgiving table runner with Dollar Store supplies.

Because Dollar Tree Plus has upgraded their craft stash, you can most likely find rolls of burlap for less than $2. Grab a couple of those along with some packs of faux leaves, mini pumpkins, gourds, and pinecones. Lay the burlap across the middle of the table and sprinkle the faux fall decor over it and you’re done! Here’s an example of what it can look like.

Brighten your Thanksgiving table by going with mini pumpkin painted white placed among fresh greenery from outside. This natural look doesn’t take up much space and offers a natural feel to your tablescape. The same idea can be completed with fresh fruit like apples (or lemons) and candles.

4. Jump on the fall succulent trend train.

Succulents have long been used to decorate for most seasons, but not as much for fall as in recent times. Now, you can find all sorts of ways to incorporate succulents into fall decor. Here’s another fall succulent pumpkin planter idea that uses just a few Dollar Store supplies.

Succulent wreaths can also be used for Thanksgiving decor and not just for the front door. Consider make a few mini succulents wreaths to use on your Thanksgiving table. Striped vases with succulents are another inexpensive and high-end way to decorate for the Thanksgiving season. This succulent cornucopia is another unique idea to try as well.

5. Decorate your Thanksgiving table with wheat.

Wheat harvest bundles are another natural way to decorate for Thanksgiving this year. Here is a simple wheat harvest bundle embellished with a strip of burlap and a colored ribbon. Wheat placed inside of a glass jar along with a candle creates a unique look for a Thanksgiving tablescape.

And of course you can’t go wrong with creating a wheat wreath to use on the table, especially to help decorate some of the food dishes.

Final Thoughts

Take the guesswork out of decorating this fall with these super easy DIY Thanksgiving decor ideas. Also, don’t hesitate to reuse things you have around the home or from previous years. Either way, these ideas are sure to inspire you to create a space you’re proud of and that will wow your Thanksgiving guests.

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