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The Simple Way To Declutter Your Home

We buy things we don’t need. Others buy us things. We hold onto items “just in case” and chances are you probably don’t have space for it all but you want it ALL.

There are many reasons your home may be cluttered, however here are a few simple ways to help you create more space and organize your living quarters!

Focus on one task at a time

It’s easy to create big goals for decluttering your home such as “Today I’m going to organize the whole house.”

Breaking this goal down into smaller tasks will be more achievable.

Focus on one room at a time. Break down the spots in the room you’d like to declutter. Desk drawers, filing cabinet, etc. 

Merge storage spaces

Do you have multiple storage spaces within your home? You may have closets in every room that need to be decluttered. The best way to go about this is to merge those spaces. Whether that be to only store things in one closet or only in the basement OR merge the storage bins into only a few, that space you save can mean everything!

Eliminate trash

I know it’s hard, but once you start decluttering try your best to be rational about the things you will actually use. Rule of thumb: If you’ve had it for at least 3 months and you haven’t used it, do away with it!


If you have 3 brooms in the kitchen or 5 different shampoo and conditioner sets in the shower…Declutter!

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