Top 7 Things to Do with Pumpkins This Fall

There’s no doubt that pumpkins are the highlight of the fall season, which is why I’d like to share things to do with pumpkins this fall. Whether you’ve decided to decorate your front porch with them or purchase them for a crafty purpose, don’t let them rot before trying some of these unique ideas.

Top 7 Things to Do with Pumpkins This Fall

Decorate your pumpkins.

Of course, you can’t go wrong with decorating your pumpkins for the fall season. There are so many unique ways to do this from creating jack-o-lanterns to monogramming them with your family’s last name initial.

If you have kids, having a pumpkin decorating party is sure to be a big hit. Provide your kiddos with a variety of supplies and embellishments and let them have a decorating good time. Paints, buttons, glitter, and ribbons are just a few ideas of things to use for decorating.

Use your pumpkins to create a tasty snack or treat.

Who doesn’t love pumpkin spice season? Okay, maybe not everyone, but there are some non-pumpkin spice recipe ideas for those who simply love to taste of pumpkin. Making a pumpkin puree is often a big hit as it can be used for many things. If pumpkin spice is your thing, you’ll love this easy pumpkin spice latte recipe.

And don’t stop there. Have a go at making some pumpkin fries and pumpkin pie cheesecake dip. Both of these are great to serve if you’re having a fall gathering or looking for something to take to a potluck. And of course, you can’t go wrong with making a homemade pumpkin pie!

Turn your pumpkin into a flower holder.

You’ve probably seen this idea floating around Pinterest-land and it’s a good one. These are ideal to do with faux pumpkins; however, using real pumpkins is doable as well. Once you’ve carved out the inside and gotten it nice and cleaned out, you can place just about anything inside.

We’ve seen pumpkins used to house succulents, mums, a variety of flowers, and more! Once you’ve made your pumpkin planter, you can use it to decorate your front porch, a side table in the living rooms, or as a centerpiece for your dining room table.

Create a science show.

Looking to do something creative with your kids on fall break? Grab a few pumpkins and use them to do a few science experiments. Here are a few unique ideas to try:

Give back to nature.

How do you give back to nature using pumpkins? For starters, you can turn a pumpkin into a bird feeder. Simply cut a small to medium-sized pumpkin in half, clean it out, attach jute rope through each side for hanging, and fill it with bird feed. Not only will you provide food for birds but also some pumpkin decor for your tree.

If you have a garden, pumpkins would make great compost. This will require allowing it to rot, so throw it into your compost bin and let it go. Pumpkins also make a great treat for farm animals such as pigs, goats, and chickens. Even if you don’t have these, you can ask a local farmer if they’d like to take your pumpkins and feed their animals.

Play pumpkin games.

Consider leaving the stem on your pumpkins and turning them into a ring toss game. All you need to do is space them out, grab some rings, and have a tossing good time. Turn your backyard into a pumpkin-style bowling alley. Use your pumpkins as the ball and set up a few things that can be knocked down.

Another fun game to play is “how far can you toss a pumpkin?” If you have kids playing, you can increase or decrease the level of difficulty depending on the size of the pumpkin.

Recycle the seeds.

There are many ways to recycle your pumpkin seeds. If you’re looking for a quick snack, consider keeping some back to roast. You can also get pretty creative with the flavors. Keeping some of the seeds to grow your own pumpkins is another way to recycle the seeds. In fact, bag a few up and pass them out to others to do whatever they want with them.

Final Thoughts

Pumpkins can be used for so many things and these things to do with pumpkins this fall is sure to inspire you to think outside the box. What are you most excited about trying? I think I’ll have a go at making a pumpkin spice latte and doing a project with my kiddos!

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