Wallpaper Trends 2020

Trends have come a long way and you may want to consider covering your pastel pink bathroom with something more modern!

2020 is all about bright and fresh design. Minimalism is in!

Check out these trendy wallpaper designs to update any room in your home.

Simple Florals

We normally wouldn’t think of florals as flexible for any part of the home. Sophisticated neutral tone florals are feminine yet timeless! We love oversized floral patterns for the powder room or it can be a stunning backdrop for your master bedroom.

Basic Farmhouse

Farmhouse wallpaper can be so classic! No, it doesn’t consist of having chickens on your walls…

Lightly colored grey buffalo check wallpaper can be the perfect balance for your already existing farmhouse interior decor. Vertical stripes are also a trending pattern for the farmhouse style.


The bohemian-inspired interiors have been on the rise the past few years! 

Minimalist wallpapers that have a textured yet delicate look are very versatile and work so well in any room! A Herringbone pattern looks fantastic in all-white interiors. Pair it with gold accents and this room will be Instagram worthy.

If you are on the search for a basic, clean style this is it!

Subtle Foliage

Foliage is a lovely addition to those walls that just need a little extra something. These botanical patterns create the perfect balance if you do not have much interior decor. We love this trending foliage design not only for the fresh look but it gives that room in your home a zen vibe!

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